2019 Houston Championship Chairman's Award Finalists

So, who’s going to take home the whole thing?

  • 1902 - Exploding Bacon (Orlando, Florida)
  • 2682 - Boneyard Robotics (Winterville, North Carolina)
  • 3646 - INTEGRA BAHCESEHIR (Istanbul, Turkey)

Also congrats to the three Houston Championship Division Engineering Inspiration Award winners - 2557, 2905, and 3284, as well as the three Houston Championship Division Rookie All-Star Award winners - 7451, 7565, and 7567!


3646 - INTEGRA BAHCESEHIR (Istanbul, Turkey)

Does anyone have the RAS winners?

I really hope that it’s FINALLY 1902’s time! They’ve been deserving for years.


Israel is at Detroit

Added to the original post! 7451, 7565, and 7567!

Congrats Integra!, and to all the teams!

Also - Bahçeşehir and İstanbul :slight_smile: If only FIRST’s system allowed non-standard latin characters the likes of which we use in Turkish - Ş Ç İ ı ü ö ğ

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