2019 Houston Championship volunteers


As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight to Houston I thought I’d start a discussion for the volunteers. Who’s going, where people are hanging out what’s to do in Houston etc.

I’ll be arriving tonight so I can build the fields tomorrow, I’m going to be on Hopper this year, if you see a large man in a vest behind the FMS on Hopper, that would be me. I’m looking forward to a great week.



I’m doing field reset on Galileo! I’m flying in Wednesday at around noon.

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There is always visiting Johnson Space Center. One of the 118 mentors has posted a discount code in this thread.

There are a lot of pretty nice restaurants around GRB but many of them are best experienced on an expense account.

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I’m a ref on an unknown field (we don’t get field assignments until Thursday morning). I’m flying in Wednesday afternoon. Lodging at the Hilton Americas, so a short commute :smile:



I’d love to. Sadly, my schedule is such that the only time I might be able to do that is during Einstein.



I’m a local doing photography starting on Thursday. As I’ve posted in other threads:

Food all depends on what you’re looking for. For Tex Mex, Ninfa’s on Navigation is a Houston institution. If you have time in the morning, Go to The Breakfast Klub and get wings and waffles. Want Cajun? Go to BB’s Cafe on White Oak. There’s also several other restaurants in that vicinity, including American (Barnaby’s), Vietnamese (Pho Binh), and Tacos (Tacos a Go Go). Only time for fast food? Go to Whataburger and order pretty much anything. I could go on and on.



I’ll be a non-NI employee CSAing!



Since we are getting into restaurant recommendations, I can recommend the following:

  • Tacos A Go Go - a local chain that is well regarded, this location only open for breakfast and lunch, I go to other non-downtown locations
  • Pappa’s BBQ - local chain of Texas BBQ, only open for breakfast and lunch
  • Otto’s - chain BBQ restaurant, only open for breakfast and lunch
  • Otto’s - location of chain BBQ restaurant near GRB, only open for breakfast and lunch
  • Dimassi’s Mediterranean Kitchen - local buffet chain, only open for lunch, we go to the other branches fairly often
  • Whataburger - Texas based buger chain, nothing fancy, decent quality, breakfast and lunch only at this location
  • Bombay Pizza - Indian pizza fusion, gets good reviews
  • Phoenicia Specialty Foods - middle eastern food store with sandwich/pizza counter and bakery, I am happy to go there when I have missed the team lunch, several excellent variations of baklava :yum::yum:
  • Russo’s New York Pizzeria - decent chain for Italian-American food
  • Flying Saucer Draught Emporium - chain pub with late night food and many beers
  • 8th Wonder Brewery - local small brewery with a taproom for tastings


I had a weird experience checking in tonight. As I’m here alone, I reserved a single king room, but Experient apparently sent a request for a room with 2 queen beds on my behalf. When I pointed out that they were going to have teams trying to stuff 4 or 5 kids into a room and it was stupid to waste that 2 queen room on me they moved me to a room with a single king. I’m happy, but it would probably be worth the time to print out what Experient said they were going to get you before you arrive.



Just a few quick ideas before I leave for work:
One quick sight to see is Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Column,” which was the precursor to the “Cloud Gate” in Chicago. More than anything this is just funny as it sparked the Great Houston-Chicago Bean War of 2018.
A quick thing to do downtown is going to burp the bayou, (this one just appeals to my inner 5 year old).
There’s also the Downtown Aquarium (don’t bother with the restaurant, it’s overpriced for what you get), and Buffalo Bayou Park.