2019 Houston Einstein Videos?

Anyone know the story about why there are no match videos from the Einstein Round Robin on TBA? There are also some playoff videos from Carver that seem to be missing. They were awesome about quickly uploading the videos throughout the event except for this.

As of yesterday the Twitch stream archives are still up. You can watch matches by scrubbing through that to find the match you want to watch. I believe the Stream only has the side view, no overhead or close up shots which is a shame, hopefully the videos will be uploaded soon.

Could you post a link by chance?

Einstein RR starting at 6:35.

Finals 1 at ~1:30, Finals 2 at ~2:30

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All videos are now on The Blue Alliance.

Edit: Thanks to FIRST for getting them officially uploaded. Apparently a software glitch prevented them from going up sooner, which should be fixed for Detroit. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


Yay!!! Thank you!

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