2019 'Infinite Recharge' Speculation Thread

So, after the announce of Infinite Recharge (Presented by Star Wars), what do you guys speculate will be the main objectives of the competition? Deep Space seemed extremely similar to most games that FRC had created in the past, but I think that the 2020 game will be special and different from most other games.

Will it be based on climbing, scoring, or a mix of both like this year? How do you think the game will be structured, and will the game pieces be a mix of boxes and balls, or something new?

Before we even know about the field, what drivetrains and designs is your team considering implementing this year?

What did you do this year that you want to improve upon next season?

Good luck for all teams in Detroit this week, BTW!

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I anticipate that FIRST will come up with a new method for climbing as they do each year and that they will have an entirely new method for scoring or have another game with shooting as the main priority. In terms of drive trains i think they may try to make mech more viable but west coast and swerve will still dominate. For next year the most interesting thing I’ve seen thus far is the induction of a 2 division district champs for CHS.
good luck to those at Dtroit


Already one here:
2020 FRC Game - Infinite Recharge

Sorry, I never saw that thread.

IDK what the basis of that thread is, but this is meant to be based on speculation and predictions about the game in 2019, and that thread will probably hold through for the entire duration of the game during 2020.

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Maybe we can keep memes out of this one?


My predictions, based on nothing:

  • AndyMark petitions FIRST to call the new game piece Fuel, in hopes of selling the last of theirs from 2017
  • FIRST taps into the PDP and makes current draw something to consider.
  • Scoring pieces on cables that get connected elsewhere on the field. Human player can drop a lexan retainer over a scored one, creating both a secured scoring opportunity and a mobility challenge. Maybe a good endgame?
  • Infinite suggests to me that game pieces will be cycled back into play after scoring.

I think for sure First will always come up with some new way to make the robots climb and/or drive over new terrains (2016 obstacles for example) (or climbing ropes 2017) and it’d be super cool to see the robots climb new ways.


would be fascinating to see some kind of game where theres 2 levels of floor, and the robot has to be able to reach the 2nd floor to get to the game? just randomly thinking. for example to get to a game piece you have to escalate about a foot or so.

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I agree that having to access a second floor to retrieve game pieces could be a cool addition, and would be a similar skill-ceiling to the ability of accessing the 3rd level of Rockets in Deep Space.

I don’t know about how the second floor would limit the mobility of robots and the size and space of the fields, though.

Do you think that FIRST will try to encourage teams to rely on effectively scoring one game piece, or do you think that they will design the game so that it is advantageous to score several different game pieces like they did this year?

I’m betting on a game with some novel features.

  1. A relatively large, flat, rectangular panel as the game piece. This would be to simulate solar panels (which produce electricity “infinitely”.) They would need to be placed in a solar array sequentially in order to score points by providing more “current”.

  2. As a corollary to this, the demand for high precision and maneuverability in the drive train to navigate around and between the racks of the solar array.

  3. Possibly a secondary scoring system that uses some type of small ball shooter to bombard installed panels with “photons” to increase (or just to create) “current” in the system.

  4. Possibly some new (or old revived) type of climb in the endgame to place or align a different game element to “transmit” the accumulated “charge”. This might even be done as a cooperative effort where two or three robots would be required for an endgame RP, but any climber scores points.

How exactly they’ll structure all this is an open question, one I’ll punt on since they’ve pretty much surprised me every year since Stonghold. But I do think we’ll see some kind of variation on the basics I’ve outlined above. The repeated use of solar panels in the intro video especially has me convinced that they’ll use some variation on the solar-panel-as-game-piece idea.


What type of mechanism do you think most teams would try to use to pick up the flat piece, if they do indeed choose a similar piece?

I would predict some type of arm that would close in on it from each side and apply force to hold it within the mechanism since I feel that suction would be too unreliable and some type of floor-based intake wouldn’t work since the piece would probably be unable to bend/flex and the intake would have to be massive to pick up the piece without bending it in the intake…


I guess the bot could just roll forward, lower its arms which would close in on each side to apply force to hold it in, then just lift it back up and place it in the designated spot.

It seems that this years game had relatively simple game pieces and scoring but there was a high skill ceiling with the ability to complete rockets and do a Level 3 HAB Climb.

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I’m thinking so too. After two years in which the elevator has been the most popular and generally best solution to the game problem, they may want to design a game where arms are the default best solution and elevators are specifically disadvantaged. As part of the maneuverability element, they might also design the racks to be able to have low bots pass under them while taller bots have to drive around, thus advantaging a height limit without actually imposing one. They might also favor articulated arms by having two levels of panel position on the rack, one over the other, so that being compact but having an extensible arm will be the advantage that top teams can bring while lower-level/rookie teams can still compete with low bots that can place on the lower level.

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Wait, they still have the wiffle-ball ‘Fuel’ game pieces in stock?

That’s honestly insane…

You would think some tryhard teams would be hundreds to ‘practice.’

given the terms ‘infinite power’ im more than willing to bet its some sort of solar/power type game, but then again FIRST loves to throw us for a loop on these things :wink:


The competition will be outside and all robots will have to draw their power from a solar panel. No more dropping batteries!

My vote is balls that are ‘shot’ to score, after which they return to the field.
Endgame speculation is a climb of some type, not up a platform but up a rope, pole, or chin-up bar-like construction.

In 9 months we’ll see who was closest, earliest.


I don’t know if FIRST can keep coming up with new ideas for the climbs…

There is only so much they can do that FRC robots can handle without being destroyed.

For the climb, I am predicting that robots will have to do it autonomously, and it will probably be a horizontal bar.

I see bridges.
I see towers.
I see no defense , only cooperation
I see better game sets
I see a decent game such as “RR corrected”
I see a “virtual” twist for something completely different than prior.

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I’m shooting for the fences:

The field will be dominated by a giant mesh wind turbine in the center of the field, teams will have to fire their Wind Balls (Stronghold fuel) at the blades of the turbine. Clockwise means you’re scoring, counterclockwise means your opponent is scoring. Points are determined by number of revolutions, so faster is better, infinitely. Any fuel that remains inside the field after being shot is valid to be picked up again, infinitely.

Crazy dangerous, yes. Would it be amazing to see what top teams can do to make the fastest wiffle ball pitching machine possible, also yes.

At the end of the match if your robot is raised at least 1 ft off the ground then you get bonus points, additionally if you’re lifting an opponent robot off the ground (or being lifted by an opponent) you get a ranking point. Catch being that there’s nothing to climb on the field at all. You have to use other robots.