2019 Installation Video and Code Release

Hi all!

Installation video:
The GreengineerZ have made a video showing how to install the 2019 control system using the Beta software (so that we can actually image and control a robot).

Huge thanks to all the amazing work the WPILib team has put into making installation a breeze and allowing us to spend more time on making our robots do their thing.

Code release:
What we are releasing is essentially our 2018 code but stripped of all subsystems in preperation of the 2019 season. (2018 specific code still can be found on our Github).

Some neat features include:

Individual Subsystem Health generated for each subsystem into a user friendly HTML File

(see Health.java in Subsystems)

Configurable Amperage Testing based on CSV file

Code writes all neccesary files and programs for configuration to USB

Shortcut with Putty allows one click transfer

(See MotorChecker.java in util)

Persistent Settings

Code backs up information every half second to file and reads on startup (variables and values can persist over power cycles)

(See PersistentInfoManager.java)

Motor controller classes integrate analog temperature sensors

(See GZSRX.java and GZSpark.java)

Automatic logging of constructed Motor Controllers

(See Drive.addLoggingValues())

Odometry implemented - created by team 254 in 2018

(See Drive.java and RobotStateEstimator.java

(All the files we generate have been generated in simulation and uploaded to β€œRIO” (on bot) and β€œ3452” (usb))

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