2019 IRI Bracket Challenge

1) 2056 1114 3847 2337 W
2) 2767 195 5190 868 F
3) 3707 364 217 548 QF
4) 330 2910 1690 3478 SF
5) 5406 5460 2481 930 QF
6) 118 3538 2468 111 SF
7) 33 225 1807 2168 QF
8) 1676 1241 6443 1024 QF

I figured out the formatting finally

1) 2056 1114 2468 1923 F
2) 3707 2910 1073 48 W
3) 195 2767 3357 319 S
4) 118 217 930 1023 S
5) 3538 33 910 2337 Q
6) 5406 5460 7457 1690 Q
7) 2481 330 3847 5190 Q
8) 1684 1241 2168 225 Q 

Here is my not tremendously high effort IRI prediction.

  1. 1114 2056 2337 1024
  2. 217 5460 107 3357
  3. 195 3707 1676 2481
  4. 1690 1073 33 2468
  5. 2767 2910 111 364
  6. 1241 5406 548 1023
  7. 3538 910 1684 118
  8. 330 225 930 2168

I’m really not sure about a lot of things in there, what i am certain about though, is that 1073 will be a first round pick

I’m surprised so many people think 1073 will be a first round pick. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of respect for them, and am close friends with their driver, but them being a first round pick would completely defeat the point of picking them. They play some insane defense, but it’s only meaningful if there’s just as powerful offense backing them up. It’s why they did so well at worlds, yet when they were captains at Mayhem or a 1st round pick at Battle Cry they didn’t win. Three strong offense bots can and will defeat one strong offense bot, 1073, and a decent offense bot (by IRI standards). The force team will be a very strong pick for a low alliance wishing to compete with the higher alliances fire power, but as a first pick they just don’t make sense.


you think that alliance would win over #1??

For this reason exactly I believe the #1 alliance has all the balls in their court and would be one of the greatest chokes to see any other alliance win. They will have the top 2 offensive robots and the best defensive robot(either 2910 or 1073)

Don’t forget to add your QF, SF, F, and W predictions.

There’s an argument that since there are so many phenomenal offense robots coming to IRI, that the scarce resource on alliances would be effective defense. There are 24+ teams at IRI I’d trust to play top tier offense under average defense - if you can get the one defender that can shut down anyone, they might be worth a first round pick?

I don’t know that 1073 is that team, and other qualities, like suction climbers, will also be scarce at IRI, but there’s value to 1073 in the first round if you really think they’re the best defender going.


I think that with how evasive the two scoring robots on that alliance are along with the very strong defense bot I gave them, yes I think they would win. Once again though, this is all predictions and fun that really isn’t based on anything concrete.

1073 isn’t that big. In the second round you could grab someone like 1718 or 234, both pretty good cyclers, and have them double with 1073. You don’t really need to worry about getting someone like 2767 or 3707 who both extremely versatile suction climbs because 1073 already provides some versatility.

I like 1073, but IRI is a different animal than a division. I can see them not picked at all in this field.


I could see it also, but there defense is just insane. They’ve shown they could put 1114 to around 3 cycles which would make them valuable on any team.

This was also in a scenario where 1114 did very little to adapt to the defense being played against them. At Battlecry, 2791 was able to score 5 hatch panels in teleop against them, and I wouldn’t say it was because we were better than 1114, we just structured our strategy around avoiding defense and maximizing our partner’s ability to score cargo undefended. I’m very interested to see how the game evolves at high levels, especially when it comes to avoiding defense, and how these changes impact the value of a 1073-type primarily defensive robot on an alliance.


To build upon this, IRI will feature elite teams playing defense for the first time all season. I’m expecting a couple to stand out as top defenders.

I’m not surprised they haven’t made anyone’s predictions yet, but 7498 could fill a really unique role in an alliance. While 2 offense and 1 defense will likely be a popular strategy, 7498 could be the perfect robot third robot for a more offensive approach. They can fill the cargo ship right up there with anyone, but their crazy acceleration and ability to pickup and score cargo without breaking the frame allows them to quickly transition between offense and defense.

  1. 195 1114 1073 1684 SF
  2. 3538 330 48 3847 SF
  3. 2056 2910 118 2075 F
  4. 3707 2767 2468 111 W
  5. 1690 1241 2168 548 QF
  6. 5406 930 2481 2403 QF
  7. 217 33 4362 3641 QF
  8. 225 5460 364 2337 QF

I’m interested in how some captains choose alliances for the strategy they want to play. The strategies always stray from the norm in elims, especially at IRI.


What a lot of people hot on the 1073 bandwagon forget is that with so many great teams in one event, teams who were playing as captains or first picks offensiveness on world championship divison alliances won’t make the captain or first round of picking at IRI. I have no doubt that some of these teams will be able to play really good defense, so likely wasting a first round pick on 1073 for defense is most likely a waste. That said, if you are picking them because you think they are the best available offensive option then that makes more sense.

This isn’t meant to be a diss against 1073 at all, they played incredibly well in Curie elims. Just trying to get some people back to reality and understand how IRI works. Many elite teams in the past have played amazing defense at IRI, I expect this year will be no different, and if anything moreso.


OTOH the last time defense played such an important role in the game was 2014 but everyone had practice playing defense then. This year isn’t really comparable to other IRIs. I think with a lot of people they’re thinking of doing what 225 did in selecting 747 at MAR DCMPs, which is a weaker event then this.

Ever think about cargo deprivation? Once you’re heading towards filling everything it may actually become a viable strategy.
The 7498 cargo collection without breaking frame perimeter was a design decision based on exactly what you describe, the ability to flip between offense and defense at any time plus acquiring cargo anywhere.

  1. 1114 2056 225 1923 F
  2. 1690 195 2168 1073 QF
  3. 330 2481 910 111 W
  4. 2767 3707 217 548 SF
  5. 5460 33 3538 1718 QF
  6. 3641 4362 3604 1023 QF
  7. 1241 5406 930 868 SF
  8. 118 2910 3847 2468 QF



dat #4, #5, and #6 all FiM alliances tho