2019 IRI Mentor Matches

Are you ready for some mentor matches?!

Students, here is your chance to applaud and publicly heckle your mentors. Mentors, here is your chance to show your team how bad you are at operating your teams’ robot. Collectively, this is our chance to raise money for a fantastic cause, the team 4418 Victim and Memorial Fund.

I am happy to announce 2019 IRI Mentor Matches!

Mentor match logistics & rules

  1. 8 alliances of 3 teams each will participate in a single elimination tournament

    1.1. If more than 24 teams wish to participate, then teams who do not get drafted into the 24-team tournament will receive their money back.

  2. $50 entry fee for each team. This can be paid to Andy Baker (or Chris Fultz) at the event by means of cash or check. All teams are expected to pay in advance of the alliance selection. Non-selected teams will receive a refund.

  3. Teams sign up by emailing me at (andyb@andymark.com) and by confirming their participation by 1pm during Friday of the event.

  4. Mentor matches happen on Friday night, after last qualification match

  5. Teams and alliances will be playing the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Game of Destination: Deep Space, with these adjustments:

    5.1. Alliance selection takes place during a good break between qualification matches at a time, approximately 5:30pm. Alliance captains for positions 1-8 will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Alliance selection will be 1-8, 1-8. Selections for 9-24 will cost no additional money. To begin the process, we will auction captain 1, then they will pick their partner. Then, we will auction captain 2, and they will pick their partner.

    5.2. Single elimination tournament

    5.3. 7 matches total

    5.4. A student from the participating team must be the field coach

    5.5. Any mentor-aged team member is eligible to be driver, operator, human player, or technician. Graduating senior students from the 2019 school year are not to be participating in these roles.

  6. Students will assist with field volunteer roles. If any student wishes to participate as a referee, announcer, emcee, FTA, FTAA, or field supervisor, please send an email to me at andyb@andymark.com or see me before 3pm on Friday of the event.

We are discussing and debating the possible involvement of back-up robots and the level of defense allowed during these matches. Some folks has said that we should not allow defense at all. Please use this forum to discuss these topics.

See you soon!

Andy B.


I highly recommend participating in mentor matches to anyone who can swing it, we had a ton of fun last year and basically beat 2056.


I’d like to voice my displeasure with IRI mentor matches not being added to TBA
Ya know, for preservation purposes.


The problem with adding them to TBA is, first, getting the data (as IIRC they are run as “test” matches in FMS there is no data sync for us to get). Even entering them manually will affect the TBA generated insights and data on the teams (eg W-L-T records) as if they were regular matches.

There was a discussion about adding them as a “division” but the same problem remains, except the event data (event W-L-T) will be ok, but the overall year data will now be off.

If you want to best preserve them – upload the video of the matches to TBA as a single event video. (While we don’t normally accept full-match videos as event videos, I think this would be a good exception.)


I would be very disappointed to see defense limited for these matches even in the slightest as it would completely change the way the game has been played so far. (Also as a mentor on 1073 if defense is limited we will likely not participate in mentor matches which I personally have been looking forward to since we were accepted into iri) I would strongly urge there to be no alteration to any actual gameplay rules as any changes will change the way the game is played in possibly unforeseen ways


We will only have 2 mentors at IRI. Could we have students be human player and technician or should we look to temporarily adopt a couple mentors from other teams?

I volunteer as tribute


1073 has extra mentors as well if they’re needed.


I would like to see defense still available, I think mentors don’t need handicaps*

*Unless the concern of robot damage is too high.

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Will the mentor matches be live streamed?


OK, here is a late update.

Mentor matches will have defense, same as normal rules.

Mentor matches will not allow backup or practice robots.

Dunno yet if this will be streamed or not.

Andy B.


Alliances and captain bids

  1. 1114 1241 5406 - $1241 - W
  2. 2056 330 1923 - $1114 - QF
  3. 1023 3538 5460 - $1023 - F
  4. 1747 7457 868 - $450 - QF
  5. 2468 118 3847 - $364 - SF
  6. 111 2481 930 - $236 - QF
  7. 1684 33 1073 - $148 - SF
  8. 88 2910 3940 - $88 - QF

IRI draft order (1-8, 1-8) was used


Is there a stream?


I just love how 118 and 2468 made their bumper numbers say 148 and they had 4028 do it as well. We may have to take back that blue banner 148 got from the prank war.

If my mentors drove the robot, they would have driven slow and carefully as to not break anything.

Man it was a hilarious event. 2468 took a huge amount of penalties throwing balls over the driver station wall and robonauts climbed the hab at the other end :rofl:

Oops i broke the battery box during mentor matches

R u serious? I’m sure the kids dread the mentor matches as much as other mentors who aren’t part of the action… remember, YOU’RE JUST RENTING IT! We need it in working condition for tomorrow!!!

Well, at least it means you were giving it everything! Drive it like you stole it!

Thanks for sharing, that is very funny. I have sources who tell me that 1241 is loving their spectacular trophy!

Hope everyone had fun at IRI in 2019! Corn was awesome as always.