2019 IRI Registration / Application Link is OPEN!

Applications are OPEN for the 2019 IRI.

Link is below or from the www.indianaroboticsinvitational.org website.

2019 IRI Application Link


We’re applying–wouldn’t want to miss the most intense competition of the year!


I wish we could make it…

I cant access the Application Doc at work but any word on potential rule changes?


I have one. Swap the red and blue hab, rockets, ref panels, loading stations, and cargo ships. Now all offense happens on the far side of the field. Same game, just much more difficult for the drivers.


Application just worked fine for me. Did not mention any changes, yet

And you view that as a positive thing?


I would challenge your assertion that it’s the same game. Defense was already strong but this makes it significantly stronger. The defending drive team will have shorter, unobstructed sightlines while the offensive team will have reduced visibility. It would completely shift the balance of the game. I’m running the risk of leaping to conclusions but I think it wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun to watch.

I think a more reasonable, but still game-redefining change would be to just switch the position of the loading stations and delete G9/G10. I do think that the entire game strategy would still be completely different.

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Or just switch the cargo ships, incentives doing the rocket in elims, more interesting auto/sandstorm routines (plus more collab), and makes a D bot that’s shutting down a rocket be a little bit in the way of their own scoring. I feel like switching the loading stations would make it too easy to completely shut down scoring, by just blocking the two narrow paths back

Easier for the defenders. Hmm…I’m a big fan! :sunglasses:

PS - isn’t there usually a separate IRI Rules Changes thread created for such discussion?

Chris mentioned some of the rule changes being considered at our meeting last week.

Let’s just say they’re out of this world:wink:

Lol, I will be accepting punishment for this now.

Crazy idea: kill the HAB RP, one RP per rocket completed.

Crazier idea: keep HAB RP, only award the Rocket RP for completing both rockets

Reasonable idea: require 18 points for the HAB RP


18 seems too high for the HAB RP, maybe just require 16 points instead.


I would say 15.000001 points


For most off season events I’d see it as a negative, it would be a terrible idea for the Gitchie Gummi Get Together for example. IRI positions itself as a “best of the best” kind of competition though, so increasing the challenge should, in theory, help spread out the top teams.

Give additional bonus points for the Sandstorm period, Four points for each hatch panel placed. six points for each cargo placed.


Chezy Champs 2017 had a fuel only match.
Maybe an “IRI Special” just for one match?

So if you scored a hatch in sandstorm on the cargo ship, would that be worth 10 points? hatch panel being worth four and a cargo worth 6. Or would it just be 7 points.

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The game was modified for the fuel-only match to let the 6 best fuel robots at the event put on the most entertaining match of the year.

Flipping the field to make it harder for drivers will not provide the same value imo.


It doesn’t have to be the above. Anything special compared to the regular matches.