2019 IRI Rule Changes




(This page intentionally left blank.)
(No game play rule changes.)
(Honor System +5 pounds allowed.)
(Some clarifications, interpretations will be reviewed at the event, in the drivers meeting, if needed.)


I’m slightly disappointed by no additional weight allowance, but that’s understandable.

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We find out the final list on the 22nd of may correct?


Why is that disappointing?


That’s a secret :wink:


Ok? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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+5 is a given. Honor system. We don’t inspect.


Invitations send May 22. Teams have time to accept / decline following the invitations.


Follow up question: I assume the 1-8, 1-8, 8-1 picking order is also a given?


why does iri do this


At IRI, the field is DEEP, insanely deep*. There’s a concern that it’s actually too strongly balanced towards the 8 seed at IRI when using the normal serpentine.

*The joke is that to guarantee getting in, you can either: 1) host the event, 2) win IRI the previous year, or 3) win World Championships. Anybody else is luck of the draw. Not strictly true, of course–but the field is one of the best in the world. The OTHER joke is that IRI is the REAL Championships.


I’m not certain if this is still the case this year, but previously the reigning IRI alliance members were automatically invited and just needed to confirm interest, and I was under the impression that this was generally true for IRI. From the IRI website, referring to the 2018 event:

The 2017 winning alliance teams have an “automatic, paid invitation”, but still must apply to confirm interest in attending for 2018: 1619 – 195 – 2590 – 1710.

Last years winning alliance was 2056, 195, 2168 and 340 according to TBA.


I know of at least 1 4th robot world champion that wasn’t invited, so not sure this is even true anymore.


Yeah, usually I don’t see world champs winners going to IRI. Generally it’s always been treated as a “the teams who think they should’ve won worlds have another chance to prove themselves” kind of thing by my team but that might just be us, idk if it’s an actual thing


Adding a whole 'nother way to select the 2nd pick drafting order, I wonder if anyone has ever tried a lottery. So the #1 team would get 8 entries and the #8 would get one. Since it is a fun event, you could even up the ante with robot games, mentors driving, even charity buys to get more lottery chances, just for fun.


There was a mentor drive comp at IRI last year, it wasn’t pretty :rofl: There was a charity fundraiser and the highest dollar bid was #1 alliance captain for the mentor tournament.


Usually the world champions are at IRI (2767 and 1676 in 2017, 330, 2481, and 1086 in 2016, etc.) but last year was an odd case where none went.


H u h y o u r e r i g h t
Guess I just haven’t seen them
Shows how much my 2017 self was paying attention when I went, pshh, thanks for the info


This is done at battlecry, but it goes from 8-1.

Well actually 16-1, but you have to pick out of a hat.

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