2019 IRI Shirt Trading Thread

Since IRI is such a large event, I felt there should be a shirt trading thread made for it. Here it is! I hope you can make some good trades from it! Congrats and good luck to all the teams that were invited to IRI.


Well I may as well start it, I have a small team 107 shirt and I think small sweatshirt as well.
I wear larges and I don’t have a wishlist so anything is ok.
PM me if you are interested in any of those 2 things I have

Looking to trade a few of my medium 3357 shirts. PM me if interested. (I have a wishlist but most teams at IRI are on it so no reason to post it)

I have any size 2791 shirts, pm me if your team is at IRI, and you’re interested

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I have many 5460 shirts, hoodie, hat, beanie, jacket as well as many other Michigan team shirts. All sizes are L or XL. PM me if you’re interested.


DM me if you want to trade or buy 2168 apparel. I believe we have some extra items (mostly Tri-blend tshirts) from our bulk buy at the beginning of the season.

I will have several medium 548 shirts, PM if you are interested and going to IRI.

I have XL 5460 shirts, a hoodie, a hat, a jacket as well as many other Michigan team shirts. PM me if you’re interested.

I have 33 shirts lmk. Lookin for 2910 + 330 specifically but open to all offers

I have some M 910 shirts, a L 302 shirt, a L 494 shirt, a M 573 mechanics shirt, a M 379 shirt, a M 3539 shirt, a L 1675 shirt (emphasis so people don’t confuse it for 1676 or 1678), and a L 829 shirt. Looking for M in return but will take a L if it’s a trade I really want and that’s all I can get it in. I’m not looking for anyone specific besides a 330 shirt. PM me if you’re interested.

If anyone wants to buy some socks you’ll be able to get a pair at our pit for $5


I’m definitely down to trade. I have lots of 2910 size medium shirts for anyone interested.

I have a L 973, L 1986, L 3310, and XL 3310 I’d like to trade down in size for some good detroit teams (medium preferred)
Our shirts come kinda large and our smalls fit more like a medium.
See the third tab of this spreadsheet for my 2910 stuff:

I believe I read somewhere here on CD that 330 is producing some keepsake shirts, can anyone from 330 verify that, and will they be in-stock at IRI? I’ll probably buy 3-4 myself.

I have a couple 2910 larges, one 2XL, and one large polo. Looking for larges.

I have a couple of Large 195 shirts I would like to trade, as well as medium 2017 shirts from 125, 1986, 1619. I will only trade for Large or above sizes.

I would like to trade with the following teams, but am open to other offers:

PM me for offers.

Hi there! I’m on 5406, and I can get any shirt size if anyone is interested. I also got a XL 125 shirt and a XL 6135 shirt. I’m XL so reply if anyone is interested. Thank you!!

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They were available here, but those campaigns have already ended. If we end up running another campaign, we’ll probably post it on our social media accounts and on CD.


My wishlist is as follows:


I’m open to any offers though. Here’s my inventory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19KPzMoFKXBWoXt17JwbyObt4oQiuN_dvPl63UmBSNLU/edit?usp=sharing

I could trade a 2019 Large Celt-X shirt for team 4 shirt.