2019 IRI Shirt Trading Thread

Want: 118 Flyby Shirt,195, 330, 1023 in M
Have: 1241 tshirts in any size.

Trading 5190 2019 Shirts. I have 4 Larges and 1 Small.
Hmu, My discord ID is ankitm#5398

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What team number?

i can get you a 5406 shirt if you have a XL 33 shirt



Where’d you get this?

I have a 254 shirt I would like a medium 2056 118 or 1114 shirts

Alright, this will be the last time I will be trading shirts with anybody (at least as a student), so I want to go out with a bang. I can get a 340 shirt in any size, and will be at IRI both Friday and Saturday.

My wish list is:

33, 118, 217, 225, 910, 1023, 1114, 1241, 1690, 1796, 2468, 2481, 2767, 2910, 3357, 3847, 4028, 4587, 5460, and 7498

I am willing to entertain any other offers, just send me a DM. The bolded numbers are for teams that I really want, so I can offer more for those shirts.


I had them custom made

I’ll have some large 1023 shirts, willing to trade with pretty much anyone

I’ll trade you a large 1023

I have a 1023 and 910 shirt in medium. I’m wanting: 341, 2056, 1114, 2767, 330, 195, 254, 148, 118, 33, 1678, 1323, or 971.

Dan T and I are in the same boat. I have a bunch of 340 shirts left to trade (most (all?) of them medium; I’ll bring every one to IRI regardless) and really want to go out strong.

Above all else, I’m dying to get my hands on a 118 shirt.

Teams 111, 148, 254, 225, 1114, 2767, 3707 (esp. Dirty Swerve), and 5406 are also high on my radar. If you can offer any of these teams, please reply or DM me!

Of course, I’m always open to other offers, but I may not get to them until the event is underway.

Thank you in advance

Like many others, this is my last year on the team and I have a couple of my team shirts I’d like to trade. I’m from Spectrum 3847 if anyone is interested

There will be several people trading 195 shirts at IRI. Find us! :sunglasses:

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I’m interested in a 195 shirt. I’m XL btw

Have many large 1073 shirts.
I do have a wish list but most teams going are on it.

I’ll see what I can do. I don’t personal have an XL, but I may know someone that does. Come find us at IRI!

NEED a 1073 shirt! :slight_smile:

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