2019 IRI - Team List (Preliminary)

Below are the 68 Teams who have accepted invitations to the 2019 IRI. Once teams have completed all registration steps, a firm list will be published.



Feels like 2013 IRI with only 1 NY team attending. Best of luck 340, make NY proud!

Good luck to everyone else as well, obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me when I find out we are the only NY team going:

We will try!


20/68 from Michigan.

When I go outside to get corn on the cob, I will need some luck not to miss a match with at least one Michigan team in it.

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Good luck 2910 and 6443!

We from the PNW will be rooting you on!

If I missed another PNW team, feel free to yell at me.

I’m glad to see Wingus and Dingus is coming!


I cant wait to watch teams “try” to play defense on them. Dont let that young looking kid fool you. He is a pro!


For those teams participating in IRI, take a look at this other thread for pre-scouting info, and please provide your team details if you haven’t done so already.

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it really do be like that sometimes

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Thanks for the love. We’re honored to receive an invite to such a prestigious event. This has been a unique and special year for us and we’re excited to keep it going at IRI and Chezy!


We’re happy to be coming to IRI too, possibly even with a robot! It’s currently on a container ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean hopefully delivered to us around end of June. Then we can partially dismantle it again for checked baggage transport. So many “advantages” being an international team :roll_eyes:


You haven’t got your robot back from champs?! I thought we had to wait a while for our robot…

They’re in New Zealand.

And apparently traveling the slower (but cheaper) way.

Plus the 1 month delay before it even started moving anywhere at all…
But it does state in the shipping document “Shipments home from the Championship may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to return to your team’s home location. Please plan accordingly.”

I think it’ll be around 9-10 weeks before we see it here. All I can say is bring on the You Bring It method because having to crate and ship was a.) costly for whoever paid the airfreight to championship and b.) really slow on the return leg.

Let me know, our robots not busy then.:grin:

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Is 1730 meant to be 1746?

No, the list is correct.