2019 IRI Update - Charity, Rules, ZEBRAs, Scholarships and More!

Updates for the 2019 IRI -


We are excited for the 20th edition of the Indiana Robotics Invitational! This will be our biggest and best yet!


We have all be touched and impacted by the tragedy at STEM School Highlands Ranch, home of Kendrick Castillo and Team 4418 Impulse. We will work with FIRST to provide support through the campaign that was set up by FIRST. Our goal is to raise at least $5000 and pay the initial entry feee for the 2020 FIRST Season for Team 4418, to let them know the entire IRI community is with them and supporting them during their challenges.


No changes to basic game play rules.

Only regular season FIRST legal components may be used.

+5 pounds weight allowance.

No formal inspection, however a referee or event lead may request an inspection if deemed necessary.

Elimination Alliances are 4 teams. Teams may play / not play based on the decisions of the alliance captain.

Draft order is 1-8, 1-8, 8-1.


Teams must allow ZEBRA Technologies to place 2 RF tags on their robot. This will allow real time robot tracking and will be used during the RSN live webcast to identify robots on the screen.


Once again, their will be Mentor Matches during Friday Night (these DO NOT count towards team ranking). Details are being worked, however, there will be an entry fee, alliance captain positions will be auctioned, and students will be drive coaches, referee helpers and take other key roles. 100% of all funds raised will support the IRI Charities. Driver, Operator and Human Player must have graduated high school BEFORE July 2018.


Bring your FIRST, Team and Robot Related items for the Silent Auction! Bidding will be open Friday and through about 1 PM on Saturday. Cash and Checks are preferred, Cards can be accepted.


Limited Edition 2019 IRI T-Shirts will be available at the event. First Come, First Served. We also have a few 2018 Shirts available.


We will have at least 4 scholarships available, 3 Open and 1 Teaching. Each scholarship is $2000. Look for details in a separate posting. Application deadline will be July 1. Thank you to INNOVATION FIRST, AndyMark, Rolls-Royce, the Marcia Beatty Foundation and the IRI Host Teams for sponsorship of these scholarships.


Once Again, we will be hosting IRI Live with RSN. Watch for more details.


Friday night all teams are invited to “stay for dinner”. What’s the menu? How about Fried Chicken, Corn Dogs, Mac & Cheese, BBQ Baked Beans, Coleslaw and Biscuits with Apple Butter?


There will be concessions available with some food items available for pre-order. Watch for details in your team packet and during announcements. And, there will be FRESH CORN ON THE COB, grilled to perfection!


With all of these healthy food options, your should be “pumped” to give a pint of blood to support the Indiana Blood Center. Watch for details to sign up in advance, or the day of.


We have 68 Teams who have accepted the invitation and are ready to compete at the IRI. The list will be posted in a separate thread.


Thought this died out a couple years ago. It looked promising then so hopefully it goes well during IRI.


We had these tags on at Long Island. They worked really well and it was cool to see the heatmap of our and the competition’s robot. They didn’t use it for the webcast, but I am eager to see them used for it!


What do the IRI shirts look like?

Will the ZEBRA data be made available after the event? For science?


I would hope at a minimum the teams competing that it is being used on will be able to see it after the event ends (during the event would be awesome).

if during, I’m sure one could do some really interesting scouting stuff with it…

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Could you please explain the reasoning for this rule? Me and my friend who both graduated June 8th 2018 and were both college freshmen and full time mentors for this season were hoping to participate in mentor matches but it seems we won’t be allowed to due to us graduating 8 days too late.



This has been the IRI standard for a while.


This rule would eliminate many Minnesota graduates as well, as public secondary school commonly ends between June 1 and June 15 here.




I’m not Chris nor am I connected with IRI Planning. Just guessing …

Maybe the intent is that Mentor Match drive teams do NOT have experience behind the glass in the current game? If that’s the idea, then the graduation date limit might need to be moved back to May 2018 so it catches people from school districts that finish earlier.

Thank you VERY much for all the incredibly useful information. Greatly appreciated.

Regarding the Scholarships, I see information on the IRI website on how to apply for the 2018 Scholarships. Is the process exactly the same for 2019, and do the same questions apply?

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I agree that’s they should have experience behind the glass for the current game although we did not even know what this year’s game was until exactly 6 months after my graduation. Any team that follows the rules that drive team must be completely composed of pre college students (exempting coach) means there is no way anyone who graduated anytime during the year of 2018 has had any experience behind the glass other than coaching.

Graduation here is the 22nd! (And there are still a few state exams after that…)

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Changed to July. The intent is no one who was a driver in the 2019 game season can now be a “mentor”.


No. The website will be updated for 2019.

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Thank you.


neat. another data set for me to go on a 3 month bender analyzing. :smile: I look forward to being able to play with it.

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Couldn’t you do that for SBPLI?