2019 Kickoff Release of CTRE Phoenix

Ok cool. Ill revert to using config_*() for now. Will that update be released soon or after the season? Thanks for the response

Not sure what this means. Did you verify your install (link below)

Then did you follow the VsCode instructions…

It sounds like you are skipping some steps. Maybe just start at the beginning…

It means the API (the functions we provide and you call) more or less are the same. So prev season robot code that calls our stuff should still work. Keep in mind there are FRC rules specifying the terms under which you are allowed to do this (open-sourcing your prev robot code so you can use it again, etc.). I’m sure someone on this thread can site the rule number :slight_smile:

You should start with a clean install, and create an empty project from scratch and test-deploy it.
Then install third party. Then create a test proj that uses it.

It really is covered in our docs, but you have to follow our steps in order. The VSCode solution WPI has provided is complex, and different enough from prev year to warrant attention.

Only after you prove-out development environ, and you prove-out hardware, start your porting effort.

Makes sense? Otherwise you will chase ghosts.