2019 leaked field CAD

Destination: Deep Space is gonna be one crazy game…

Smh no overhead soccer ball loading structure or HP cell feeding stations to the sides of the middle of the field

0/10 would not play

Inbounders will have to reintroduce basket balls to the field using the embrasure in driver station 1 once all three have more than two in their hands.

All the totes are large side up. Definitely not the GDC.

I think getting the gear on the minibot pole may be easier and more robust than the spring pegs.

Needs more regolith.

Wot?! No airships?

Yep, summer chief delphi is here!

Is this real? How did you get it?

Can’t wait!

This is approximately what it was like to play a couple of the FTC games in terms of how much random crap was strewn all over the field.

It definitely is out of this world…


So the HPs stand on the pyramids and catch frisbees with butterfly nets?

Game pieces for the 2019 game?

Needs more cowbell.

I can’t wait to see the whiffle ball / frisbee shooters

Interesting can wars

Hell yeah, minibots are back!