2019 LEGO Destination Deep Space!

Howdy teams, mentors, and alumni!

I’m a alumntor from Team 810 and I thought I’d share our LEGO set for the 2019 game Deep Space!

Basically LEGO has a website called LEGO Ideas, to which you can submit models of proposed, user created, LEGO sets, and each year since 2016 we’ve created a LEGO set for the game!

LEGO Ideas requires 10,000 signatures of a design idea to be evaluated and created into an actual set. Our end goal is to bring a marginally larger awareness of FIRST Robotics ranging from children to adults, because, you know it, I know it, everyone knows that LEGOs are for everyone.

According to the FIRST Inspires website, there are about 988,000 active members of the FIRST Community, we only need 10,000 of them to support this set. It’s a free signup, and we only need 1.012% of the entire community to help! Be apart of the top 1.012%!

All you need to do is make an account on the LEGO Ideas and click the Support button!

The FIRST community is already a huge one, and our goal is to grow it even bigger. All we’re asking for is about 3 minutes of your time to support the set, and if you’re feeling generous please share it with your teams, friends, and families.

Not to sound cliche, but I honestly would like to walk into a store and buy an FRC LEGO Set.

So if you’re at work, or if you’re busy, bookmark this post, email it to yourself, and help us out when you’re at home, in bed, mindlessly scrolling through Reddit or chiefdelphi or shudders Instagram…

Make sure to support it and leave your team number in the description so we know who to thank!

Make sure you also follow us on TWITTER!!!?

Big thanks to the FIRST Community, and we hope you can help us out!