2019 Minneapolis Regionals - 10,000 Lakes and North Star

We’re just a few days away from the concurrent regionals on the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus! 123 teams will be making the trip for these week 5 events. Many will be coming in with strong performances in earlier events. Others will be hitting the official carpet for the first time in 2019.

The “Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional presented by the Medtronic Foundation” gets its third name in as many years. 63 teams will be in attendance: 62 from Minnesota and 1 from the Czech Republic (5996). 1 rookie team, 7850 will be attending their first FRC event.

Useful Links: FRC-Events |The Blue Alliance | Main Webcast | Quad-View Webcast

The Minnesota North Star Regional will see 60 teams competing. 56 from Minnesota, 1 from Wisconsin (5826), 1 from Turkey (5993), and 2 from China (6487, 6803). Shout out to the 4 rookie teams who’ll be there: 7849, 7858, 7875, and 7892.

Useful Links: FRC-Events |The Blue Alliance | Main Webcast | Quad-View Webcast

I’m excited to see the competitive growth of MNFIRST this year; these will both be events to remember. We’ll be at North Star, see you soon! PM for shirt trades at either event.


And best of all… there won’t be a blizzard impacting this event! Handling the weather for both Duluth and Grand Forks earlier in the season was exhausting.


2549 is really amped for this event! We’ve been working hard on improvements "cough level 3 climber cough", and while it may or may not be ready for this week. We are eager to compete at our favorite regional.

Load-in this afternoon in the 60’s! :palm_tree: :sunny: Hopefully everyone gets to the campus safely with their trailers/trucks in these high winds.

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North Star has two from WI, thanks. TOBOR is from Eau Claire…


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Good luck to everyone competing! Can’t wait to watch some more MN action.

So sorry! I somehow missed 2143 while skimming through the TBA page. I can’t fix the original post but let the records show that there are only 55 teams from MN. 2 teams from WI — 2143 and 5826.

Not that we are into “border battles”…let cooperatition reign supreme. But 2 versus 55. Ah, we can handle that.


The schedule for 10K is funky:

Are they?


Seeing it here too. Looks like an issue on TBA as the FIRST website is reporting correctly.

Where are the fantasy first threads. I like to compare the picks to the event and see where we fit.

Well, I can’t say we could have hoped for a better outcome. Last night we were really worried about how today would go. I’d like to thank everyone we played with. I’d also give a big shoutout to our alliance of 1816 and 3082, y’all were awesome and we are hyped to see how you both do at worlds. We haven’t won an event since 2011, and to do so undefeated in elims with an all twin cities area alliance was the best way I could have imagined.
-Grant Ober, 2549


Wow. That was just about the most unexpected outcome possible. Sorry if the rest of this post is incoherent because it still hasn’t settled in.

First off, congrats to 2883 on a well-deserved Chairman’s Award! Your video was so inspirational and the impact you’ve made on your community and other communities is nothing short of amazing. Also I would like to congratulate their alliance partners 3928 and 3277 for both getting wildcards to attend champs.

What an experience, thank you to 1816 and 2549 for picking us and being incredible to work with. Could not have asked for two classier teams to join in the playoffs. Congrats to 1816 on their first robot banner since 2006 and to 2549 for their first since 2011. Considering that it’s 3082’s first banner ever since our founding in 2009, I’m so excited that this all-Twin Cities alliance was able to end some droughts together.

We are really happy to have picked up the Innovation in Control award for the second time this season. Running a swerve drive and a complex superstructure has been a great learning experience and I’m really glad we built our most ambitious robot ever. Talking to judges and actually having a lot to discuss — technical and outreach alike — has been great.

About halfway through finals 1 we blew out one of our steering motors. We hobbled our way through the rest of finals and did what we could; I’m proud of our driver @zlevy3082 for making it work. We think we’ve fixed our wonky drive module and will be working on manipulator v3 over the next few weeks. We are so excited to be heading back to Detroit!


Came back here a bit late, but what a crazy competition for us.

Credit to 1816, 2549, 3082, 2883, 3926, 3277, and 5993 for qualifying for champs! This was quite a historic moment for many teams, which is awesome to see!

This competition specifically really hurt me individually, being a senior and not qualifying in my final regional ever, but I’ve also grown an insane amount in the process. FRC really has changed my life for the better, and I hope I can remain involved in some way over the years. I’m so proud of our team and our alliance partners 3100 and 2129, the circumstances were extremely unfortunate, but you guys were great to work with. Our official season may be over, but you’ll still be able to catch us at State and all the various offseason competitions in the state.

Thank you all for an amazing competition.


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