2019 NASA Grants announced

NASA’s Robotics Alliance Project is pleased to announce the FIRST Robotics Competition registration grants for 2019 competition season. Receipt of a NASA Robotics Alliance Project registration grant is contingent upon a team being registered with FIRST and confirmed at the specific event for which the grant applies. Sustaining grants and Program Growth Grants may be used for any regional competition event, but they are not transferable to other teams. Regional Challenge Grants must be applied to the specific competition to which they are attached. Likewise, Regional Challenge Grants are not transferrable to other teams. As indicated in the grant application, awarded funds will not be sent directly from NASA to the winning teams. The awarded funds will be transferred to FIRST on behalf of the awarded team, and used to fund the registration fees for the associated regional competition event.

For a complete list of the teams receiving NASA registration grants, go to


How do we know how much money was received in the grant? Will it appear on head mentor dashboard?

A big thank you to the folks at NASA for making this happen again. As a recipient of a rookie last year, I saw firsthand how impactful NASA’s support is; last year’s grant to 6844 changed lives.

Thanks for helping us FIRSTers have the means to inspire!

We just got our Sustainable Grant this year from them. After the absurdity last year was us with our bad luck, we’re super fortunate for this opportunity. I’m glad to see it has so many positive impacts!!! Wish us luck this season lol.

Huge thanks to the folks at NASA for continuing to help teams in FIRST, coming from a rookie team this season, I can say it’s a gigantic help!!

Huge thanks to NASA for picking us as a sustainability grant team .

Just yesterday I reached out to a rookie team who is on the list of awardees. Since I’m pretty sure they have no idea, how does this work with the Michigan state rookie grants? Both seem to earmark $6000 for registration fees. I’m hoping they get both, which would start them out with $13K.

Asking for a friend…

The NASA Grant is restricted, meaning it can only be used to pay for registration fees. If the Michigan Grant is also restricted, then I would assume that you could not receive both. That is how it works with the FIRST Rookie Grants, if you receive a NASA grant, you cannot receive a FIRST grant.

If BOTH grants are registration-designated grants, they can’t be used for anything else. If only one is registration-designated, it will be used first for registration, and the remainder of the other(s) can be “re-granted” back to the team. When 3946 received a NASA sustaining grand and an NDEP grant, we left some money behind. In more recent years, getting a NASA “house team” grant (not registration-designated) and DODSTEM (registration-designated), we were able to get the remainder of the NASA grant re-granted to the team’s (501 c 3) booster club.

This is a **huge **help! Thank you so much to NASA for the grant!