2019 National Youth Leadership Forum: Engineering

Unsure of whatever this is. Did anyone else receive this?

Yes, I am also not sure what it is but I replied that I was not going got to much to do this summer.

I was going to attend but it was too expensive for me to be able to

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Heck, i live in upstate NY. A drive to the airport is 2 hours and on top of that an 8 day weekend cross country isn’t happening with my parents when it is at $4000. Why is it at $4000? Don’t they want us there?

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I received an invite earlier in the year. I have friends who have done it (for engineering and otherwise) and I’ve heard only good things

They send these out for just about every subject area. I get the “nomination” requests every year.

From the video on their website it looks like a great place for that honors/ap kid who was too busy to join the robotics team, but still wants to be an engineer, and thinks that attending will look good on college apps. (cynicism intended)

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I got one of these, but for National Security and Defense or somethjng like that. I didn’t go, robotics comps cost too much so I didn’t have the money to go. But I also have heard nothing but good things about it

I got one of those last year and didn’t attend for a multitude of reasons (cost, time, etc).

In terms of college apps, the thing that colleges will look for (according to my test prep/college admissions tutor) is that you have meaningful experiences in the things you do, rather than you just doing a bunch of things. If you can do a bunch of things and get something meaningful out of them, then good on you.

If you think that these types of conferences will give you a meaningful experience that you can write/talk about, and I have no reason to think that it won’t, as I know a that some people that graduated from my school have done these conferences and have done amazing things and gone to really good colleges, then by all means, do it.

If you’re looking for a fun few days of playing around with very basic engineering toys, sign up.
If you’re looking for a fun few days of a mini college experience, sign up.
If you’re looking for a few easy college credits, sign up.
If you’re looking for a meaningful impactful engineering experience to learn a lot and shape your future career, please don’t sign up.

I had a fun weekend doing this at Berkley but by no means did I learn or do much of anything.