2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice Q&A

Be sure to double check the manual before asking a question, and make sure you check that you are referencing the most up to date version of the manual. The most recent version can be found here.

A new thread should be created for the question being asked, unless it is a follow up to a question you/your team already asked. Do not piggy back on other existing questions posted by other teams.

Official answers will be given by either myself (Nick Coussens) or Jim Zondag, and will have a designation at the top of the post ( OFFICIAL ANSWER )

Some questions may take a day or two to answer depending on if the Game Design Committee needs to discuss how to respond.

If a question is asked that is already covered in the game manual and supporting documentation, then a response with the rule number/page number will be given and you will be asked to go back and read the manual.

No responses should be made on Q&A threads by anyone other than those listed above that will give official answers, or by the original poster asking a follow up or clarifying question.

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