2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice

Here is the game manual and associated files for the 2019 OCCRA game, OCCRA Roll The Dice.

Here is a link to the grabcad site with a STEP file of the field:

GAME MANUAL - V3 - 10/25/19
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Game Manual - V3.pdf (19.1 MB)

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Awards.pdf (310.2 KB)
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Inspection Worksheet.pdf (317.0 KB)
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Kit of Parts.pdf (310.7 KB)
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - One Pager.pdf (1.0 MB)
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Rules Cheat Sheet.pdf (306.6 KB)

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Presentation.pdf (3.0 MB)

GOAL CUT PLANS.pdf (77.9 KB)

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Manual Update 1.pdf (1.6 MB)
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Manual Update 2.pdf (352.3 KB)


Good luck to all of our teams this year!


…I want to play this. Sounds like a fun game.

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Haven’t read the game manual yet, did you build a catapult for launching dice into the field?

Yes, the Human Player Station is a catapult that will launch Dice and Bonus Dice to roughly the Center Line on the Field. Human Players can also choose to set Dice and Bonus Dice on the shelf at the front of the Human Player Station if they would rather have their Robot load directly from the Human Player Station.

The catapult on the Human Player Station is also on a pivot 15 degrees in either direction, so the Human Player can aim left to right with the catapult.

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Seriously. This looks like a killer game. I’d love to compete if it wasn’t all the way out in Michigan.

I love how simple this game is, yet still provides lots of room for exciting game plays and strategic decisions. Plus seeing these giant foam dies being catapulted across the field is going to be awesome.

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My favorite rule:

The OCCRA Q&A system can be found at ChiefDelphi.



This is too fun - I love it. Can’t wait to see it played!

We have our first Manual Update being published today. You can find the link to the Manual Update document below. The link at the top of this thread for the game manual has been updated to the latest version.

Overall, we did not need to change much. We have modified the location of the white bonus line on the Goal that designates how high a Bonus Die needs to be to count as Bonus Goal Scored. This was due to us realizing there were some weird edge cases that would allow fewer dice to be stacked a certain way while still having a Bonus Die count.

We also added a picture to the definition of the Alliance Selection Die to make it more obvious that these are the same as the Dice in the actual game.

Otherwise pictures throughout were updated to reflect the change to the goal, and some various grammatical corrections were made. If anyone has any questions, feel free to hit up the Q&A forum.

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Manual Update 1
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Manual Update 1.pdf (1.6 MB)

It is the eve of our first competition at Lake Orion High School tomorrow! The GDC is very excited to see all the great robots that teams have come up with, and to see everyone play the game for the first time.

We have a manual update to publish today before we get the competition underway. The only change being made is the appearance of the Bonus Dice. Instead of painting these white, we have sourced a seafoam green color foam cube that is physically identical to the foam cubes used for the regular Dice in the game. This way we do not have to coat the cube with paint to distinguish the Bonus Dice, which we found was changing the texture of the Bonus Dice.

Some of the colors of the dots on the Bonus Dice have also been changed to maximize contrast of the dots on this new color.

We also noticed a typo with the 2018 game name still listed on the Inspection Worksheet, so that has been updated. No functional changes were made to this document.

Below are all the updated files, and the original post in this thread has been updated as well. These are all the changes we have, and are excited to see everyone tomorrow. Good luck!

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Manual Update 2
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Manual Update 2.pdf (352.3 KB)

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Game Manual V3
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Game Manual - V3.pdf (19.1 MB)

2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Inspection Worksheet
2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Inspection Worksheet.pdf (317.0 KB)

Will the competition be live streamed anywhere?

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We do not have a live stream, but we should have full-field video of all matches that will be uploaded to YouTube shortly after the event (within a few days max).

Awesome look forward to watching it.

Our first event is underway! Attached are some pictures of the field all set up and the game objects! We’ll be getting matches underway in an hour or so at Lake Orion High School.


Field looks great. Nice work on this, looking forward to seeing the matches.

Great first competition today! Thanks to all the volunteers that helped with the event, and Lake Orion High School for allowing us to use their space.

Congratulations to team 2960 for finishing in 1st in today’s qualification matches with a total of 97 points!

Also congrats to team 33 for finishing 2nd with 90 points, and team 308 finishing 3rd with 89 points.

A full list of match scores will be posted in the next few days, and we should have full field match video of all of today’s matches up by tomorrow.

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It was a great first event. Looking forward to Wednesday. Thanks to all the volunteers and the event host.

for anyone that wants it here is a playlist with all the matches from todays competition https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiaUU7zSY5400Chu_nAcacu46CzdlA-5V


Here is a link to an Unofficial Rankings that our team is maintaining this season. We will be updating and correcting any errors we find with official scoring as the season progresses, but thought it may be valuable to pass along to all teams.