2019 Orange County Regional

This year the OC Regional is being held at the OC Fair & Events Center. It is a new venue, but it is a good one. Pits in a conventional hall, competition field in the Hangar (where concerts are held).

There is an impressive line up:

We’ve got World Champions who are hanging their hat after this season. We’ve got a European powerhouse. And we’ve got food trucks! …a triple threat!

Team 4276 is competing in their first ever Week 1 regional, and we’re actually ready to go.

This should be fun.


Looking forward to this. It’s going to be a great event.

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I’ll see y’all there.

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We, from 4481 are preparing for a 12 hour flight. We are very excited meeting all the teams.


Super stoked.

Just an FYI from the team email blasts that might trip up some teams:

It is easy to get dehydrated so bring a REFILLABLE Water Bottle. The OC Fairgrounds prohibits the use pf disposable plastic water bottles. They have advised us that they will fine up to $100 per case of water bottles!


Thank you for reminding me to put my coffee cup on the packing list.

Additionally, it is likely to RAIN on Saturday, and the event takes place in two buildings with a ~150ft walk between them. Bring coverage.

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I saw Thursday as a chance of rain as well. Welcome to sunny Southern California!


1836’ll be seeing all of you there!


I’ll be there too! Can’t wait , my team will be in Del Mar. Excited to see the new OC venue and how it all works. Plus the awesome slate!

How many practices matches? I’ve seen 2 different numbers on the Twitch feed.

The FIRST site for the event lists 34.

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They were an hour behind and the field crew extended matches an hour, which was awesome of them!
We got about 5 matches in in between work.


34 complete practice matches today! Ended the matches around 6:45PM so everyone had their full practice day opportunitiies! Tomorrow should be fun.

We did OK for a practice day. We started 55 minutes late and finished 72 minutes late. We don’t want to do that tomorrow. We have a great crew here and I think we can make the schedule we set work. There’s a lot of moving parts that have to synchronize perfectly to get 7 minutes from start of match to start of match though.

I’ll take my personal intensity up a few notches tomorrow because “Field Fault, is not an option!”


That’s amazing! I know y’all have Jeff as your FTA down there, and he’s amazing. I love it when field crews focus on the team experience!

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973 looks great. Can’t wait to see them solo a rocket!


You missed it, they did one today man!

It will be cool to see what autos they have in store too!