2019 Playing Field Autodesk-compatible CAD Model?

Has anyone seen a .STEP version of the full Playing Field CAD posted anywhere? I’ve seen this topic for the simplified version, but I can’t imagine it’s that hard for someone with Solidworks to just open the assembly and re-save it as a .STEP as-is?

The solidworks file is a mess for anyone not using solidworks 2019.

There are some CAD’s though, and a whole lot of threads asking about them and linking to them.

Theres Cadandcookies/Billfred’s Onshape and my own STEP file that would be of interest.

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You can find a complete Iges file of the 2019 field under the following link:

I tried making a STEP of the field but that field due to inconsistant splines in the model. The Iges was saved in SolidWorks but should work for any version of SolidWorks and Inventor (and most other CAD programs)

Hope this helps

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