2019 Regal Eagle Rampage Week 0 Registration

Hello CD!

On behalf of FRC Team 2869, I am proud to announce the opening of registration for the 2019 Regal Eagle Rampage Week 0 Event!

The event will be held on February 17th, 2019 at Bethpage High School in Bethpage, NY. The event will run from 8am-4pm.

This is a non-competitive event, and meant for teams across the region to have access to a full sized field, carpet, and expert help for wherever they are in the process of build in addition to some practice matches. Teams will be able to get a sense for how their robot would perform on a real field a few days before stop build day to show them what they need to work on for the real competitions.

To register, please fill out the Google Form at this link: goo.gl/ABBDKG
For more information on the event, you can visit The Regal Eagles website and click on the Week 0 tab at this link: http://www.bethpage.ws/extra/robotics/

If you have any additional questions, feel free to DM me!

Team 2869 can’t wait for another successful Regal Eagle Rampage!

** Full disclosure: the field will be made out of wood, as FIRST HQ only has one real field for Week 0 up in NH. **

Here are the teams that are currently registered:

  1. 2869 Regal Eagles
  2. 263 Aftershock
  3. 527 Red Dragons
  4. 810 Mechanical Bulls
  5. 1546 Chaos, Inc.
  6. 5016 Huntington Robotics
  7. 5736 Kingsmen

We’re also now on TBA!

It’s not too late to sign up for New York’s only Week 0 event!

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Here is an updated list of the teams that are currently registered:

  1. 2869 Regal Eagles
  2. 1546 Chaos, Inc.
  3. 5736 Kingsmen
  4. 527 Red Dragons
  5. 5016 Huntington Robotics
  6. 263 Aftershock
  7. 810 Mechanical Bulls
  8. 1468 J-Birds
  9. 6806 Wild Reds
  10. 6911 SO BOTZ
  11. 5123 Mechadogs

It’s not too late to register - see the links above for the registration form!