2019 Reveal Breakaway 3937: Titan

This is team 3937’s 2019 robot, Titan. Robot reveal video coming on Monday.

Hatches 1st, 2nd, 3rd Level
Cargo 1st, 2nd, 3rd Level
Internal Floor Hatch Intake for home and opponent side
Ground Cargo Intake for home and opponent side
3rd Level Hab Climber
Multiple Autos with Motion Profiling


Here is the reveal video of 2019 Robot Titan.


wow! Our team was so close to forming an alliance with 3937 last year at the bayou regional(at least we think haha). You guys had the coolest robot last year, and this year you guys definitely have a winning machine.

Goodluck and good job as always!

We are looking forward to playing with you this weekend. Do have any video of your level 3 climb?

12/10 simply for music choice

Now that’s one well refined robot! Good luck to you guys, and we can’t wait see you again this weekend.

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Cool. I can’t wait to see these in action!

Very cool robot!

The internal Hatch Panel and Cargo intake is a cool feature - I expect that to be extra valuable at the DCMP/CMP elim levels of play! It’s not clear to me how the internal cargo intake would work though… looks like every time you floor pick-up Cargo in the video the robot is extending beyond the frame perimeter. Do you use an alternate position to keep the robot inside the frame perimeter?

Yes - we can intake both hatch and cargo inside the frame perimeter to sneak across and secure dropped hatches and free-range cargo. Intake for cargo uses wheels from intake for hatch and reverses the direction with the same results of putting cargo in scoring position.

Awesome looking machine. Looking forward to seeing you (and hopefully getting to play with you) in Little Rock and at Bayou.

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