2019 Robots@CNE

6867 is also an addition to the team list!

Check out our team information page:

We may be trialing a new elimination bracket style (6x4 Round Robin, same as Einstein)! TBD.

For more information regarding how the three days will work:
Each of the three days will be a separate event, meaning separate rankings, separate matches, and separate eliminations. This will then culminate with a final set on the Sunday, which will be sync’d up to FRC Events for the elimination results.
(This is the same as last year, but with separations between the days instead of one massive schedule)

Load in will be Thursday the 22nd, from 1:00PM - 8:00PM. Teams - check your emails later this week for more details on how this will work!

When will we hear back about volunteering?

We’ll be replying later this week regarding volunteer assignment. We had to wait for the CNE to confirm a few things regarding volunteers (catering, age restrictions, etc).

Awesome, thanks!

Initial Volunteer Assignment notification emails went out last night!
Stay tuned for the detailed information regarding your assignment specifically!

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Looking at the team list on TBA, don’t see 5406 there but the robot and about 12-15 members were there yesterday, are they competing under one of the 999x team numbers?

5406 could only compete on Friday and Saturday, and only our Sunday event is synced to frc events.

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Ah, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for clarifying.

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