2019 Rumble in the Roads


Teams 1610, 2363, and 5957 are excited to announce that registration is officially open for the 2019 Rumble in the Roads on November 2nd! You can register your team here. The competition will once again be hosted by team FRC5957 CAT 5 CyberCanes at Heritage High School, 5800 Marshall Ave, Newport News, VA 23605.


SPARKY will be there!

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ORCA 3136 in the house! We’ll be there with Stingray!

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Team 401 would like to thank everyone who help make Rumble in the Roads a great competition again this year. The event staff, volunteers, and teams were all great, and thank you in particular to 1610, 2363, and 5957 for putting on an awesome event!

thanks matt
We as a team really look forward to meeting up with and talking to all of our CHS friends at Rumble, we really missed attending last year. I don’t think we’ll be missing another Rumble for the foreseeable future.

Special thanks to our alliance partners 1885 and 2028 for being great to work with both in elimination play and throughout the entire event. Strategy and coordination within the matches seemed to go pretty smoothly. Thanks to 1885 for being kind enough to collaborate with us on scouting as we were understaffed and could not have feasibly scouted on our own, and thanks to 2028 for the great technical discussions during load-in Friday night.

Finally thanks to the 346-2363-1086 for some scary and long semi-finals, I wasn’t sure if that series would ever end. Special shoutout to Casey from 1086 for some impressively effective defense. That driving scared us so much we switched field sides for the rest of semis to get away from it. Oh and thanks to 1086 for the cookies too!