2019 Scoreboard Thoughts

Any thoughts on the 2019 scoreboard design from Week Zero? IMO they should have displayed the hab platform scoring info in a better format than a cramped table.


Is this posted on a FIRST page with a diagram explaining what’s what?
I get the orange and yellow ringed zeros are for cargo and hatches, but the table isn’t obvious. Looks like a Play button, a Checkered Flag, and a Stop sign


Way too busy for average viewer imo.

I appreciate how much is there, but I’m not an average viewer.


Play button - What level they started on (1 or 2)
Checkered Flag- When they crossed the hab line ( S for Sandstorm or T for teleop)
Stop Sign- What level they ended on (0, 1, 2, or 3)


I got this from a screenshot of FIRST’s official week zero, so I’m assuming no

Looks to me like the triangle is the starting HAB level (1 or 2), the checkered flag is the auto crossing points (S means they crossed), and the stop sign is the HAB level on which the robot ends the match.

I agree, that the screen is way too crowded. It’s not easy to read with just an okay internet connection, even with a good understanding of the game. I can’t imagine trying to understand how the game works if I wasn’t involved with a team.

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Yeah, its not great. There is a lot of space dedicated to non-changing elements (giant pictures of the rocket and cargo ship). I also think the information in the table is both confusing, and takes up too much space.

I’d much prefer more space dedicated to the portion of the match where the majority of strategic decision making will be taking place (Hatch Panel and Cargo scoring). Most of the HAB related points are either almost a given (starting position and lines), or only scored at the end of the match.


It’s the best one they’ve had in the last few years but its not an obvious indicator to whats happening on the field to anybody who just walks in from the street.

Why are there 4 scoring numbers for the rockets? Seems like excess information, since it really doesn’t matter which rocket gets scored on. The only value would be to let the alliance know which was closer to the RP, but I highly doubt the alliances will be relying on that to give accurate information.

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this is correct. source; asked the FIRST twitch stream what it meant

probably for scouting purposes, so if you cant see one side

I’m glad all this information is available, but maybe they could put it on a 2nd stream or something and have the first stream only have the scores. I could see this confusing new people more than it helps veterans.

I don’t know how much the “average viewer” really matters. Many of the people watching FRC streams are actual people involved, and they want important information as easy to see as possible. People who are casually watching will probably mainly pay attention to the two numbers in the middle anyway.

I’m not saying I like or support the current design. It’s just that there’s a tradeoff between “easy for someone who doesn’t know what FRC is to understand” and “useful for drive teams and scouts” and honestly I’d prefer if they’d lean toward the second side of that tradeoff.


Ditch the ugly and non-intuitive tables for the HAB. That isn’t information that needs to be shown on the scoreboard to begin with.


FIRST has recently been trying to reach out to broader audiences. This has had varying degrees of success since they started the Twitch partnership around 2016, but they do consider “average viewers” for how they run the stream.

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All of the information currently on the scoreboard and much more is available through the FIRST API, and therefore on TBA. Scouts can get all the data they need almost as soon as the match ends from there. Meanwhile while I’m watching the stream, the easier it is to see and understand the basic match data the better


I can just imagine all the people in the stands trying to read that. I don’t like the table that they opted for either. Maybe if they had displayed it in the way the rocket and cargo ship are displayed would be better.

I’m not saying I don’t or FIRST shouldn’t care about reaching out to broader audiences. I’m just unconvinced that designing scoreboards for accessibility is important in make FIRST more accessible. I think there are a lot of sticking points for someone new to FIRST that are more prominent than the scoreboard, and the scoreboard is pretty straightforward to understand. The numbers in the middle are the score, the other numbers are extra information about where the points came from.

More confusing to a newcomer might be questions like:

  • Why are there three teams per team, and why do the teams keep changing?
  • What exactly are the robots doing to score points?
  • Why are the robots doing what they are doing (i.e. why is the arbitrary action of placing a ball in a hole worth points)?
  • Why are they playing Cotton-eyed Joe between the match? (as much as I love it)
  • Why did the ref just call a foul?
  • Why did a black screen just go in front of the alliance station?
  • Why are all the robots in bags? (RIP)
  • Why is that adult helping to work on a robot?


I’m not saying accessibility is not important; I’m saying accessibility of the scoreboard may not be.

I agree with the sentiment in this thread about the table, but mainly for the reason of clarity. I can’t tell if those are Hab points or fouls or something else, and even once I learn the symbols I think I will forget and get confused. I don’t see why that has to be broken down by team either, especially during the match. I do however like the cargo and rocket displays.

It seems like the null panels aren’t credited on the Audience Display until a team scores Cargo behind it, and at that point the null panel is credited on the Audience Display.

Should NHP be counted on the Audience Display at all? I feel like they probably shouldn’t be, but I guess it could be helpful for telling if the cargo ship is full.

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