2019 SCRRF Fall Classic

Announcing the 2019 edition of the Southern California Regional Robotics Forum (SCRRF) Fall Classic!

What: Fall Classic Robotics Competitions
Where: Valencia High School, Placentia, CA
When: Saturday, Sept 28 and Sunday, Sept 29

Two separate tournaments in two days - allows more teams to compete!
Teams competing on both days cannot win the same judged award twice.

We are playing FIRST Destination: Deep Space! - with no significant game rule modifications!
Note: ties will be replayed in elimination matches (no tiebreaker rules).

This is a great opportunity to introduce new students, mentors and sponsors to FIRST Robotics Competition!

Limited to 34 teams (36 robots) each day.

Early Registration Fee (before 9/1/2019): $200 (Sat or Sun) or $300 (both days)

For more details, checkout the LARobotics Fall Classic website:



Hey Dave. I figured I’d give this thread a bump, and ask if it’s being played on a regulation field, and what (if any) FMS there will be. Thanks.

I can answer at least some of those.

Field will be the 3309 field, which will be used at Battleship Blast. FMS as far as I’m aware will be Offseason FMS, unless some really major issues turn up (at either Wings Over Camarillo or Battleship Blast).

As far as field elements: expect team version elements, or equivalents.

I’m excited hope there will be a lot of teams and from my understanding the gym was getting ac over the summer so high hopes :slight_smile:

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Great to hear about the AC.

And it’s OK to bring a robot from previous years, to get in some practice for the newbies.

If team finances or school district financial confuskulations are an issue, talk to me- we’ll work it out. jp195565@gmail.com

Or just show up!

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