2019 Seven Rivers Regional

Seven Rivers is back for year 3, and as long as the Mississippi River doesn’t get too far over it’s banks we should be good to go.

54 teams

  • Wisconsin brings 19
  • Minnesota with 12
  • Iowa coming with 8
  • Illinois has 10
  • North Dakota comes with 2
  • Nebraska sends 1
  • Missouri - 1 team (1986 making their 3rd trip)
  • China sending a rookie team

Many teams have already played once (or more)

5 teams have already won Regionals.
Another 5 have been finalists.
Wildcard potential all over the place.

Playoffs were crazy last year with #8 knocking off #6 in the Finals - what will this year bring?

Tune in https://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires7 & https://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires8


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