2019 Shirt Trading Thread


I haven’t seen @BenHildy make a thread for this yet, so I decided to make a thread for shirt trading in 2019, Destination: Deep Space! I’m always looking for cool shirts, and from my experience, others are as well, so put your offers down below!

I myself am an alumni and volunteer now, but I have an assortment of shirts up for trade, with more coming in soon. I have access to any amount of 5740 shirts, and an assortment of other shirts which are listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gdxzD3HcaIM5cwoY2r9OCIkfJHkdxof6HjGMzJUn1rc/edit#gid=0

I’ll be attending Pittsburgh and Miami Valley Regionals as well as Houston Champs, and my wishlist currently includes 118, 148, 217, 254, 330, 359, 1678, 2046, 2403, 2614, 3512, 4028, 5308, 5453, 5839, and 5883, though I’m open to any and all offers, so PM me anything!

Good luck, and have fun trading!

2018 Shirt Trading Thread

I will be at Midwest, Pittsburgh and Buckeye. I have some of our black and grey Power UP shirts, some of our yellow jerseys, a black 20th season hoodie, a medium 156 shirt, a medium 2017 world champions shirt. I’m looking for a large and can get size if needed. I will trade the yellow jerseys for two shirts because of how expensive those jerseys were. I’m open to any trades, shoot me a pm if interested.

My long wishlist:
16, 25,118, 120,148, 179, 195, 254, 330, 610, 971, 1317, 1619, 1574, 1678, 1690, 2056, 2252, 2471, 2590, 2614, 2826, 3309, 3476, 3538, 4028, 4265, 4611, 4944, 5012, 5172, 5406, 5413, 5811


Hey! I’ll be at FiT Channelview, FiT Del Rio, Houston Champs, and hopefully FiT DCMP. I have some pretty rare items here that might catch your eye - including 118, 148, 254, 987, etc… Let me know if you’d like to trade!

My wishlist:

  • 1678
  • 2056
  • 610
  • 1114
  • 3310


I have access to teams Panteras 2283 from Mexico (t-shirts/hoodies) and 6377 Howdy Bots from Austin, TX (t-shirts) gear.

Can trade at:

  • FiT Austin
  • FiT Del Rio
  • Mexico City regional
  • Houston World Championship
  • Detroit World Championship
  • Ship to the U.S./Canada.

HMU by Chief Delphi direct message!

:tshirt: Trading FRC apparel since 2013 :tshirt:


I have a large 1678 shirt I want to trade for Wildstang chums. PM.


Hey there, I have access to my team’s (team 25) black t-shirts and also the current Brunswick Eruption Shirts in Medium and Large. I also have some iconic Hawaiians to trade. I will be at Montgomery and Mount Olive District Competitions, Mid-Atlantic Regional(FMA), and also Detroit World Championship.


I have a decent amount of 166 shirts XL. I’m willing to trade for almost anything.

I will be at:

Gainesville Week 1

Southern NH Week 3

UNH Week 5

(potentially) NEDCMP


Hey guys! I will be at Great Northern and the Wisconsin Regional and have a fair amount of KING TeC shirts to trade for pretty much anything. I am a L/XL. PM me if interested.

My Wishlist

  • 254 Cheesy Poofs
  • 537 Charger Robotics
  • 2512 Duluth East Daredevils
  • 1678 Citrus Circuits
  • 4009 Denfeld DNA Robotics
  • 1986 Team Titanium
  • 2175 The Fighting Calculators
*(Note that these are not arranged in any particular order)


Hi! I am an alum from team 1574 MisCar.

I have some access to our merch, plus I’m looking for some good interesting trades!

My team (hopefully) will attend Detroit Champs. Also I have a friend who maybe attending to Houston as well.

Trades via Shipping IS AN OPTION!

My spredsheet:

(My wish list Is down there at the bottom)

Also besides the spredsheet feel free to

hit me up with some offers!

My discord for who ever want to contact me there is: Ben | 1574 Alum#6650

Good luck this season!


Hi I’m a mentor for 4635 and will probably have some 4635 Botbusters 2019 shirts open for trade at
Monterrey Regional
Mexico City Regional
Laguna Regional
Houston Champs

I will add a picture once we get our new FRC Shirts but this is more less how they may look like. https://imgur.com/gallery/aFkfy


Hey everyone! I’m a student for 5943 The Bad News Gears. I will be at the following competitions:

  • Tech Valley Regional
  • Hudson Valley Regional
  • Detroit World Champs

I will also be willing to do shipping trades within the U.S. Here is my spreadsheet.

If interested, please reach out to me on Chief Delphi or Discord if you have me.


I will be at the Festival de Robotique and the Finger Lakes Regional and Detroit Champs (hopefully) and have a surplus of 1511 Larges and some other shirts. My wish list is below but I am open to other trades.



Hi, I’m from 302 I have lots of shirts to trade, we will be at Jackson district, Marysville District, MSC, Worlds, and potentially Central New York. PM if you want a shirt!


I have shirts and maybe a sweatshirt I can trade.


I’m not sure exactly how people get into shirt trading…I’ve always been interested in trading shirts, my goal is to have a 254, 118, and 148, but i’m not sure how to even get started. It seems as though its only possible to get into this if your part of a successful team.

Not to bash my own team, but 2412 isn’t exactly a sought after shirt…So how do it get in? Plus, my team has only made it past districts once in 12 years… much less worlds… How do I get in contact with these teams?

Id love the advice! It’s my last year and I really want to get some shirts to remember my time by!


Similarity to Eric I’m interested in t-shirt trading as well ( I’m a first year).


Here’s some advice I gave someone via DM:

Hi! I basically started where you are right now. Pretty much, in my second year, I saved up some money to buy a few extra team shirts, then at our events, went around asking friend teams to trade. Then, using that, I worked up, getting to where I am now - making connections, retrading shirts, and more. I’d advise getting a few extra shirts, then spending what free time you have at events making connections and trading with new friends!


Hmm…Too bad i’m only getting started in my senior year… Oh well. I suppose when I come back to mentor my team I will have opportunity then.

Thanks for the help!


I literally just shotgunned trades in 2017. i did like 11 pre-worlds, and when we qualified i made another 10 trades (and stuffed them all into the laptop bag) with teams there. I wasnt picky, and the “good” trades happened by as i went.

Now im at like 30 shirts and im not sure what to do with them…


But how do you interest people with a shirt that they don’t want?