2019 Shirt Trading Thread


Who says people arent interested? The point of shotgunning is that you have more chances to get a “yes,” and not everyone is so picky that it has to be a 254 shirt or something rare.


Bet on trades. During champs 2017 almost no one would trade with my kids. After we made Einstein tons of people were coming up and asking. Trade with teams that aren’t “elite” but might do well and maybe your trades increase in value.

Or “red paperclip” it.


Hey! Team 3003 here! We’re willing to trade for a shirt of yours! Just saying… don’t know why we didn’t make your shortlist, seeing as we’re the best team around and all…


Trading / Selling 254 2018 Team shirts & World Championship shirts @ Western, York, Ontario DCMPS and north champs.

Here are pics:

Dm for offers.


hahaha I think going to Einstein is a bit of an extreme situation, but I see your point.

What is “red paperclip?”


If you are trying to trade with some of the elite elite teams, just go for the elite teams in your area that go to your competitions and use those shirts to trade for a better shirt if you want or you have a different shirt to wear



Concept is to trade for something only a little better than what you have, and keep gaining incremental value. The guy does a TED Talk on it that’s pretty good too.


Ay yes I’ve heard of that. My one problem with that is that I would likely end up wanting to keep it haha. For example, I have lots of 1983 Skunkworks gear witch I figured I could trade but I’ve grown fond of it.


We’ve got a Team 3003 Tan(x) T-Shirt for you if you’d like :wink:


Can you send a picture of it :slight_smile:


Would you be interested in a Titanium Titans
t-shirt? @Brian_M1


I have a couple of 1501 3XL shirts looking to trade for other teams. We will be at the Saint Louis Regional, St. Joe Indiana District, Center Grove Indiana district event, Indiana State Championship and hopefully Detroit World Championship.


I’ll be at Duluth, Seven Rivers, and most likely Detroit. Mainly trading team 93 shirts. Here is a full list of currently available shirts and what I am looking for here. I am always open to other trades too and am likely able to get 93 shirts in other sizes and designs. I would be willing to ship if its a cool shirt.


I would! Playing with you guys at Wvrox was very fun. PM me and we’ll talk.


Thanks! It was a lot of fun!!


Hi! I’ll be at the Del Mar, San Diego, and Monterey Bay Regional this year (and hopefully Houston CMP). Here is my spreadsheet- a couple rare finds I guess & my wishlist + my Narwhal plushie production sheet :slight_smile: .
My shortened wishlist: 16, 27, 33, 125, 294, 694, 987, 1011, 1323, 1619, 2486, 3132, 5663
Let me know if you’re interested in anything, plushies or shirts :smiley: ; I’m on CD and Discord.
While my inventory is rather large and I’m always open to a trade, but would like to ideally limit my trades to in person trades due to shipping costs (though if shipping is absolutely necessary, something can be worked out). So, for those interested in our team’s shirts but not attending any of the same events, the team is running a fundraiser on CustomInk for the next week for those interested in our shirts!
Anyways, good luck to everyone this season :+1:t3:


Hey everybody, I’m an alumni for 5053, Lakers, and I can get our team’s shirts/hoodies to trade in any size you might want. I wear a Large, but can also get away with an XL or sometimes even a Medium depending on the brand and such. I’ll be at Southfield, Milford, Lincoln, Shepherd, Lansing, MSC, and Detroit Champs.

While I’m not particular about what teams I get offers from, I already have the following teams’ shirts, and as such am NOT interested in these shirts (I’d still consider trading for their hoodies though): 4405, 1701, 4967, 3098, 5333, 3770, 2337, 2137, 2612, 5066, 11, 503, 217, 1325, 2877

Here is what the shirts look like, and here is what our hoodies look like. Hoodies are available in dark blue (pictured), white, or light blue.
PM me soon if you’re interested in any of this so I can make sure to order for ya!


If we qualify for championships, I would love to trade. (I’m from 4201, the Vitruvian Bots.) It’s possible I might visit one of your regionals, but unlikely. If you can figure out how to on the new CD update, PM me and maybe we could work something out.


I’m from 4201 The Vitruvian Bots. I’m unaware of how many shirts I will have available during the season, so PM me if you’re interested. As @quarky mentioned before, I’m also only open to in-person trades, as shipping costs as expensive. I will be at Orange County and Ventura and possibly at San Diego and Los Angeles. PM me if you’re interested.


I am from Team Galaxia 5987 in memory of David Zohar. I have:

  • 5987 regular logo shirt from 2017-2019
  • 5987 season shirts from 2017, 2018 (shirts with our logo designed with inspiration with the season’s theme)
  • 5987 robot shirt from
  • 5987 2017 hoodie
  • 5987 2018 Houston Championship sweatshirt with zip
  • Israeli teams as 2018 Houston Championship scarf
  • Israeli teams 2018 shirt
  • 2630 2018 robot shirt

I will attend Detroit Championship this year so if anyone would like to trade, I’ll be there. Also, we are now ordering some clothes, so anything in the list below is available:

  • hoodie with zipper
  • hoodie without zipper
  • season shirt
  • robot shirt

My wishlist: 118, 148, 254, 300, 971, 1114, 1619, 1678, 1323, 1986, 2056, 2471, 2767, 3132… But I am really open to every other offer!
Thank you all :smile: