2019 Shirt Trading Thread


I will be at LA North, SVR, (probably) SFR and Monterey Bay, and hopefully Houston Champs. PM me if you’re interested in trading. I’ll mainly be trading t-shirts, but maybe also hoodies/long sleeves.


I am from team 111 Wildstang. I will be at the Midwest Regional, Seven Rivers Regional, and Detroit Champs. I have 1 small, 1 medium and 2 large Wildstang shirts to trade. I can fit in a medium or a large, but would prefer a large. My wishlist includes: 27, 48, 67, 1675, 1986, 2194, and 2767. While I don’t want every team’s shirts, I am willing entertain any offer. Thanks for understanding. PM me if interested.


I’m open to any trades. I have Team Voltage 386 shirts. Any size if you let me know soon-ish. But typically I have large and XL’s. I will be at the Orlando Regional and South FL Regional.


3707 captain here, I’ll be at Milford, Lansing, MSC, and DET champs.
I’m up for trading with anyone, we have two themed shirts this year that are sweet… and a rumored dirty swerve shirt on the way…


Has anyone considered making a discord for this? might make things way easier for everyone.


I will be at the Wisconsin regional and I will have a representative for Great Northern to carry out trades. I have quite a few large/medium King TeC 2169 shirts/sweatshirts that I’m ready to trade away.

1678 Citrus Circuts
537 Charger Robotics
2194 Fondy Fire
1986 Team Titanium
2175 Fighting Calculators
2512 Duluth East Daredevils
5172 Gators


There’s a channel on the FRC discord for this.


Can you send me a link to the discord?


I have T shirts from 3452 I can trade. We have green, black and grey.

I am open to any trades but these are the ones I could think of (at least that I may possibly see this season). I’ll be at FiM St Joe and FiM Marysville, along with hopefully Michigan State Champs, and then Detroit.


Im with 5406 this year. im willing to trade at worlds (Detroit) or at any ONT district events. Let me know if you are up for shirt trading. my size is XL.


Do you have a XL? will trade you for a 5406 shirt



The shirt trading channels are #black-market-offers and #black-market-discussion


Thank you, appreciate it.


I’m new to shirt trading so I don’t have any preferences as to what teams I trade with. I’m from team 2169, we are going Great Northern and Wisconsin regional, PM me if you are interested in trading.


I’m from 3310 and don’t have a set wish list, except I would love a 2056 and 2767 shirt, so if anybody has an offer feel free to make one! I have medium t-shirts and (maybe) one medium long sleeve shirt, and I’m a size medium


I can get some 3234 shirts to trade I am open to trade for any teams shirts in Large or XL works as well also I can ship if needed and pay for it.

Wish List:

I will Be at FIM St. Joe, Gull Lake, Alpena #1, Kentwood, Forest Hills, and Finally Detroit Champs. message me on here or email me: mew2011@live.com


Hey guys! I will be attending Great Northern and North Star. My wishlist is 118, 148, 254, 876, 2052, 2056, 2175, 3883, and 4607. I would need a M, and I have access to all sizes S-XL for trades. I have 2883 shirts and am open to any offers. :slight_smile:


I will be at St. joe do you want to trade a 3452 shirt for a 3234 shirt?


1665 here. Competing at NYTR and NYUT.


Team 5113. Competing at Westtown and Seneca district event and we are always open for some shirt trades!!