2019 Shirt Trading Thread


I’m from 1723 and have 2 shirts (size small) to trade just at regionals. I will have more at Houston World Championship if we make it. We customize our shirts each year with the theme so I have one from Steamworks (gears on the tie) and Power Up (pixelated tie)
We will be at Arkansas Rock City Regional and Greater Kansas City Regional

Regional Wishlist:
Team 6404 - Brazilian Storm
Team 1986 - Team Titanium (I still have 1 more year after this to try to get your shirt.)

Also, someone from Team 624 - CRyptonite wanted to trade with me with at 2018 Worlds, if that was you, pm me :slight_smile:


Buying 1678, 254 or 148 reply to this thread.


Drive Coach for 4967,
Muskegon, Kentwood, Forest Hills, FIM district championship, and hopefully detroit,
I can get you any size, but need a medium.
Willing to trade hoodies too.
Looking for 27, 33, 70, 245, 302, 910, 1043, 1648, 1918, 2337, 2474, 2611, 2834, 2767, 3534, 3604, 3620, 3641, and 5050, but I’ll take others to.
Dm me


I’m from 4188, Columbus Space Program, and I have some M and some S shirts.
I’ll be at PCH Gainesville, PCH Columbus, and hopefully PCH Champs and Houston World Champs.
I’m looking for 4910, 6705, 7072, 179, 6829, 5701, and 2767, but I’ll take others.


Hello I am from team 1746. Ihave several medium team OTTO shirts as well as a medium 3847 1678 and 340 shirts we will be attending the Gainesville and Cumming district events and hopefully pch champs and houstons champs.


Hey, I’ll be at Duluth (Northern Lights and Lake Superior) next week. Most of the items I have to trade are team 93 shirts. I am looking to trade for mediums.

Wishlist of teams attending the event: 2052, 2826, 3381 or other teams with cool shirts.

Here is a link to my full inventory and wishlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12FFT3D0x1rUd5kaiJRnTp92GfjvgWiDPEM5EkVWtgJM/edit?usp=sharing


Looking for 1114 hoodie, size L or XL. Dm me, you will not regret it for sure!


For those going to the Sundome and West Valley District Events: Im looking to get hoodies. Willing to trade a fair bit to get some. Looking for anything in Large.


I have 1425 shirts in large, I am going to be at all three Oregon events, and am willing to trade via mail. I am open to negotiation for any teams, but am generally more willing to trade for the teams whose shirts are in higher demand.


I have two medium 2019 865 shirts for trade. I’ll be at the:
Humber College district event
Windsor Essex Great Lakes district event
Ontario district championship
Detroit world championship (Hopefully)

I’m mostly interested in trading with 33, 2056, & 1241, 2337 however I’m open to all offers! Just send a PM!


Darn! If you had any Smalls I’d totally trade. :frowning_face:


After watching my other half acquire a bunch of shirts over the last couple years, I’m starting off with a bunch of Small FRC2655 Flying Platypi shirts. These will all be 2019 shirts. Open to almost anything so just DM me if you’re interested. Prefer Smalls but depending on what team I may be willing to go with other sizes.


I think I bought an extra 857 shirt to trade. If I did, I’m going to be at Kingsford district and LSSU district. Hopefully MSC and Detroit as well.


Hi all, I’m from 5847 and I’m looking to trade at either Central IL or Detroit Champs. I might also come up to the Wisconsin Regional just for Saturday, but I’m not positive yet. I don’t really have much of a wish list, so I’m pretty open to just about any trade as long as I see your shirt design first. If you’re interested, feel free to PM me and I can show you the design and we can talk details. Thanks in advance!



I’m from 1410, and have large 2019 1410 shirts, a medium 2018 254 shirt, and a slightly worn large 20th anniversary 254 hoodie. I am going to Houston Champs, and the Colorado regional.

Wishlist: 4414, 987, 1241, 1114, 1678, 148, 1011, 624.

DM me if you want something


Hey, I’m from 3184 and will have a few extra shirts to trade at Heartland and 10k, open to most offers, dm if interested.


Hi all! im with 5406 this year. Im willing to trade at the following events: ONT Ryerson University district, ONT Mcmcaster district, ONT district champs and Detroit worlds (maybe??) Im XL, so Pm me if interested!


I’m from 2200 and would be interested in trading shirts
Will be at McMaster university district event and Ontario’s
Pm if interested


I’m from 4967 and will be at Muskegon, East Kentwood, Forest Hills, and hopefully FIM champs and Detroit. I have mediums to trade and wear that size.

DM if interested!


Hey, I’m from 1410 The Kraken. I’ll be at Colorado and Houston and I’m looking to trade some team merch. I have a trading spreadsheet here with what I have and what I’m looking for, DM me if you’re interested Discord: Moose’#1410 (If you have something that’s not listed don’t be shy to offer) I’d like to think I have some pretty interesting stuff and would love to expand my collection. (I’ll also ship if the offer is compelling enough).