2019 Shirt Trading Thread


Also from 1410 here. Looking to shirt trade at Colorado and Houston. DM on Delphi or Discord
(@ ejfuentes99). Feel free to offer something not on my wish list I’m open to anything. I am also willing to buy shirts if that’s more your style. I may also ship for more compelling offers. Here’s my spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B7eVqpK38qhalUQFzJJ2W116X5sBBbIIAlwYRSAsbC0/edit?usp=sharing


So, I made a 6829 / Deep Space tumbler with a galaxy background. Here’s pics of front and back of the cup. Curious if there would be any interest in this.

tumbler-1 tumbler-2


Looking specifically for shirts from 148, 1114, 4613, 3310, 1678, and 2056. Also looking to trade hats. I take an XL, but I’ll trade for most shirt sizes. I’ll be at Clackms, Lake O., PNW Champs, and Houston.


Anyone have a 4391 shirt to trade?


I have a 4488 hat, beanie, hoodie, and XL cotton t-shirt. Looking for 971 hat/shirt, 1241 shirt, or polos. I take XL. I’ll be at Clackamas, Lake O., PNW champs and Houston.


You wanna trade a 6088 shirt?

I’ll be at LSSU


Yeah, what size?


The shirt I have?
I can get any size for free, or cheap.


Nah, size you need.


Large, x-large
Either works.


Same, see you at LSSU!!!


Alrighty! See you there!