2019 SpecCheck

Brought to you by the same people that run JUMPSTART, SpecCheck is geared towards getting your robot and team ready for competition! In the previous seasons, all teams attending were made aware of issues that run from frame perimeter to radio issues.

SpecCheck @ Becker High School
Friday, February 9, 5pm-9pm
SpecCheck is open to all Teams, free of charge!

Put your worries to rest a full week before Week Zero by running your team and robot through SpecCheck.

This event will be staffed by an LRI and two CSA’s. The LRI will provide ‘hot off the press’ 2019 robot checklist and the two CSA’s will aid in checking through code, connectivity, etc. prior to bag and tag. Every team that attended the previous SpecCheck’s have been notified of discrepancies in robot build, code, or connectivity. Last year’s R-03 rule change was partially due to a finding at SpecCheck. It is worth the short drive to ensure that your team is on the right path - do not wait until a Week Zero event, or even Regionals to find out your robot is not in spec.

FRC 4607 will also provide Chairman’s feedback through a panel of FRC members that have been a part of their Chairman’s Award in 2016, '17, and '18. Bring your Chairman’s script, or the team itself to gain valuable feedback.

Go here for more info.


FYI for those of us located around the globe: Becker High School is in Becker, Minnesota, USA.

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This is definitely relevant information… thanks!

Is it really ‘hot off the press’ if it’s from last year? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Last year was only four weeks ago. Surely the heat of stamping ink into the paper hasn’t dissipated yet?

I lose track of time during build season! :joy:

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