2019 St. Joseph (Michigan) District


Not to be confused with another great event of a similar name, held just down the road on the same weekend in a neighboring state.

This coming year’s St. Joseph (Michigan) District competition will host a very strong field of competitors. To date, with 29 slots filled, the field includes:

14 teams that competed at MSC last year
9 teams that competed at Detroit CMP last year
4 teams that made it to division finals at Detroit
2 teams that played on Einstein at Detroit
1 team that has back-to-back CMP wins (Hello, Stryke Force), and
3 teams that last saw each other in the Grand Rapids Girls Robotics Finals a week ago.

Week 2 in Michigan. Gotta love it.


Except for the DTE division captain 3707 (DTE finalist alliance captain 2337 will be there though), each MSC division winning alliance captain is going to be at St. Joes.


Definitely a great candidate to be the Week 2 RoboZone event of the week. Excited to get to watch these matches since we won’t be competing week 2.


It’s not even November and I’m terrified :ahh:
We may qualify for a few of those categories, but St. Joe still scares me.