2019 St. Louis Regional

We are just days away from the 2019 St. Louis Regional!

Here are some quick stats for this event:

3/48 Teams have competed already this season:
1501 Team THRUST (St. Joseph District, Seeded 6/42, 1st pick of Alliance 1, Eliminated in the Finals, won District Finalists and Safety Award)
4187 RoboRams (Palmetto Regional, Seeded 49/64)
4500 RoboHounds (Oklahoma Regional, Seeded 25/62, 2nd pick of Alliance 7, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)

What states are represented:
Missouri (34 Teams)
Illinois (9 Teams)
Wisconsin (3 Teams)
Indiana (1 Team)
Ohio (1 Team)

What other regionals teams are going to after the St. Louis Regional (15/48 teams):
Central Illinois Regional - 5 Teams (1288, 1329, 4143, 4213, 4256)
Wisconsin Regional - 3 Teams (706, 1259, 3197)
Central Missouri Regional - 2 Teams (931, 3397)
Iowa Regional - 2 Teams (1985, 6391)
Smokey Mountains Regional - 2 Teams (1706, 4329)
Buckeye Regional - 1 Team (2010)

There will be 7 Rookie Teams at this event: (7435, 7452, 7472, 7496, 7746, 7747, 7773)

1706 checking in, Can’t wait to see everyone! Should be an awesome event, as always!

1501 attended IN District St. Joseph Event as well.

I’m ready for it!


FRC Team 1501 checking in.
We are hyped to be competing at St. Louis again.

I have pictures of every team that competed at the St. Louis Regional
If you would like a copy, PM me or email me @ [email protected]
We had fun.

This is my first year in FIRST… a great event and great opportunity for the kids to show what they have learned and worked on.

Congrats to the overall winners alliance 3 - teams 1501, 4500, and 6391. 4213 - Metal Cow Robotics along with 4931 and 5326 played well, but lost to them in semi-finals.

Congrats to the kids, mentors, parents, and sponsors of team 4213… your hard work and willingness to help others is not only heartwarming but occasionally rewarding (Engineering Inspiration Award).

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