2019 Strategy Board




I have been designing a strategy board/mat every year for the past few years. This year on the front I put a top-down view of the field, and on the back I put a place to plan out the rockets and the cargo ship along with a side view of the HAB. Also, the board is based on the field CAD so the design should be to scale.

I usually laminate a printed copy and, I either attach it to a clear piece of acrylic with some clear adhesive or I just use a clipboard.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you want a different size.

Hopefully you can get some use out of them!


Tabloid/Ledger paper size (17" x 11"):

Letter paper size (11" x 8.5"):


I would be willing to add your teams logo the strategy board, just give me a logo and tell me what size paper you want.

Edit: (Folder with potential updates)

THE DEEPEST OF SPACE RESOURCES (All the Deep Space Resources)
Strategy Map for 2019: DEEP SPACE

Nice job, will use it for my team 6592 :slight_smile:


Very nice! We’d like to use this on 1519. Would you be able to use make a semi-custom one by taking the letter size one, putting two on a “portrait” size page, (one above and one below) with the top one labeled “Sandstorm” and the bottom one labeled “Teleop”?

If you put a 1519 Mechanical Mayhem logo on it, that’d be cool (you could grab from my avatar), but not necessary, by any means.



Thanks for the reply @Ken_Streeter! I came up with this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NLCaGU0hzLtHDWXjhWputvKQO5x-nmNw/
Let me know if this is what you are looking for, I am happy to make any changes.


In case anyone else wants the portrait version, I made a version without the Mechanical Mayhem’s logo you can find it here:


That’s perfect!!! Thanks so much!!!

I feel guilty that your team’s logo isn’t even on it and you did all the work!


This is awesome! would love to use this as well!

Ill PM you with our info!

Go Green!


Go white


Could you please make one for team 334 with this image. Also, could you make both a letter and ledger paper size because we haven’t chosen which size we are bringing to competition yet. Thank you in advance for your awesome work!


Okay @Ahmad786,


Here is the letter size one:

And here is the tabloid/ledger size one:


Let me know if they are what you are looking for :grinning:


Thank you soooo much! This is awesome.


Would you please make us one with our logo? It’s terrific! Thanks team 6331


Hey @Cosmomentor, I made you a letter one you can find here:

Let me know if this works.


Hey @_AD ! Do you mind making one for my team?


@Hailey.faiella I made a letter version with your logo here:


Let me know if this is what you are looking for!


This is fantastic! Super helpful! Can we get one with a robostang logo?


@Nikith, I tried to be discrete with the logo placement…



Hey, do you think you could put two different field pictures, one for sandstorm as well as teleop, like you did for 1519?

((same G logo, i told my strategist to ask for both fields :roll_eyes: ))


@Kaitlynmm569 Yup no problem, you can find the portrait version with your logo here:


Let me know if this works!


Perfect! Thank you so much.


Hey @_AD sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but can you add our logo to one please :smiley: in Letter size please