2019 Strategy Map

Hi Everyone!

I have created some simplified strategy maps that my team plans to use. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Here is the link to just the map:


Here is the link to the version that my team uses to plan matches:


Feel free to ask me any questions or if you need it in another format!


These are awesome. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure my team will put these to use somehow.

This looks really nice great job! One question I have is why it looks like there is 10 bays on the cargo ship when there should be 8?

If you are referring to the diagonal shapes, those are to help represent the slanted covers at the end of the cargo ship. Hope this clears things up!

Sweet! I’ve added them here: THE DEEPEST OF SPACE RESOURCES (All the Deep Space Resources)

Nice work, thanks for sharing!

How close to scale is this?

I use FIRST’s to scale diagrams to create these, so they should be accurate in terms of relative size and placement (within a few pixels).

Perfect. I don’t need exact scale, but it really helps to visualize bottleneck areas when you can draw a similar scale bot on top.