2019 Suction Cup Cheesecake Level 3 Climb

Link to Onshape doc:

Decided to make this just for fun. No guarantees if it works. I’ll be updating it more throughout the week. Based on @jjsessa 's design at Ventura.

Would be extremely interested to see what teams decide to use this!


Very flattering I love this! However, I have to give full credit to the amazing students that deigned and machined this.


Yeah for sure! Even though some of my stuff is clearly “wrong” it’s all good – we can iterate it! Unless you wanted to post your students’ design so we could get the real deal…

I thought it was a very good arm, actually.
Looking forward to that CAD release!


I might want to cheesecake this on my robot… Well done Aaron (Although the cad needs more bolts :wink: )

Yeah, the CAD definitely needs a little more work. I’m still getting used to the Onshape workflow, which is honestly quite jarring coming from a SolidWorks background. Can’t CAD quite as fast as I used to!

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