2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 5-6 Blog

Synthesis Week 5-6 Blog 2019

The last two weeks, we’ve met with dozens of users, both online and in person. This feedback on our beta build has given us good feedback on which direction to steer Synthesis. We are excited to push hard during the last four weeks of our internship and release our final build in late August!


The engine team has been completing exciting projects this week. They removed the initial main menu that users initially landed in; the new Synthesis brings you into default plane. This has decreased loading times significantly, much to the delight of our beta testers. They also added an impulse testing tool to help with collisions and worked on various bug fixes.


The emulator team has reworked player controls in the engine to be easily maintainable, and give users control access to all PWM channels. They are starting to finish fixing Java user program support, but it needs more thorough testing and implementation into the rest of Synthesis before our final release. Lastly, they began work restructuring LAN based network multiplayer for better performance.


In the last two weeks, the exporter team made Fusion work well. They also enabled JSON the default for inventor. They started on an internal code refractor inside the Inventor Exporter. They worked on bug fixes in both Inventor and Fusion and they made awesome new test bot.


The past two weeks, the non-dev team arduously setup our four Autodesk Day events: Portland, OR., Novi, MI., and two online. We utilized our connections within Autodesk to get the best feedback possible from our event participants. Now, our attention turns toward articulating the changes made in Synthesis in the clearest way possible. We also will begin to brainstorm plans for the fall months. Most importantly, however, we’ve also started to plan Intern Fun Day and the Intern Family Dinner.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that our office was next to Burnside Skatepark – a famous spot for filming movies and TV shows?

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