2019 Team Update 08

Frankly this update is even more wild than TU5.


Was there a QA regarding the “circle game”? I get the intent behind the ban, I’m just not sure why they mention this specifically.


Can someone give a more detailed explanation of the “circle game”?

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you put your hand in the :ok_hand: below your waist, if someone looks at it something happens.

the ban is presumably because that is also a “white power” symbol, although the game is unrelated to that

The change to R12 is interesting, particularly in the blue box. Would a Talon SR count as a functional replacement to a SPARK, despite being entirely different? I realize this was likely done to cover anyone using AM CIMs as opposed to the Vex CIMs in the KOP.

Edit: Figured it out, they basically have to be identical, so no.

also they banned the circle game lol


tfw a 4chan meme affects FRC rules

In all seriousness, the symbol doesnt actually mean anything related to white power, in case anyone is confused by that. Its a troll thing that someone started last year that the media picked up on, under the guise of an experiment that “anything can be turned racist” (in which they did prove their point)


Apparently I would have been yellow carded for getting back at Angry Eric, for getting me with a circle.


I assume they just want to preemptively keep it from being a problem, though I worry that now MORE students will be doing it now that it’s been called out in the manual.

Edit: Ban AndyMark, they pulled a fast one on would-be leakers for the 2018 game.


yeah, then a few white supremacists actually started using it, as is the case with many “ironic” things when they go mainstream

still, most people using it don’t have that intention (obviously)




But can a SRX count as a functional replacement for a SPX?

Not the circle game! Anything but the circle game!


I hadn’t heard of “the circle game” (other than the Joni Mitchell song) until this update. I thought it was referring to the game I’ve seen played at FRC events where kids stand frozen in a circle and take turns making a single fast move to touch another player. What’s that one called?


It doesn’t look like it. Seems like the rule only covers products that are 99% identical, but have some small difference from being distributed by a different company.

For example, if you used 2 AM CIMs on your robot, you could write them off on the BOM since they’re basically the same as the Vex CIMs in the KoP. Likewise, if you were to use a 1x1 tube of aluminum with the same wall thickness and grade as the KoP tubes, but from a different manufacturer than the KoP donor, it would be perfectly legal to write that off as well.



I imagine FIRST is just trying to get ahead of the issue, with many internet subcultures the use of irony or “it’s just a joke bro why are you mad” to disguise itself is a useful tactic, the same thing happened with the “ok” signal the last year or two, As it’s possible to hide behind the non threatening viel of " I’m just making an okay symbol lol wow crazy reactionaries think everything is some hidden symbol" unfortunately provides a lot of cover.

Edit: I would just like to add that if you do feel the need to research this specific topic further to prepare yourself for a ton of really in depth concepts that may or may not be worth your time

request for opinions: is/will t-posing be permitted or prohibited?