2019 Team update 15

Remember to update your RoboRio if you havent already.

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What does “greater than momentary” mean?
I’m guessing that this is a clarification but it seems only slightly less vague. I guess it’s the ref’s call.

In response to the cost accounting rule change, please see the following announcement: [IMPORTANT] Updates Involving the Functionality and Legality of Analog Devices IMUs and Gyro Boards

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A possible meaning could be this discussion earlier this season on FUNalysis Ep 15

I’m interested to know what others think, and if the new update changes the above interaction.

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Seems pretty straightforward to me - control for an instant isn’t penalized; control that isn’t immediately reversed is. Basically, as soon as you have possession of a second game piece you should be visibly trying to comply with the rule.

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Momentary is in the eye of the beholder, in this case a referee.

254 milliseconds seems momentary to me. 694 milliseconds is starting to raise eyebrows. 1114 milliseconds is definitely pushing the boundary. 2767 milliseconds probably will get a flag.


Good changes to the audience score display!

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Wow, a Team Update that involves not one but two things that a Chief Delphi comment I made covered. I don’t know whether to feel honored or personally attacked. /s

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