2019 VEXpro pricing update

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. For the last few years I have been working at IFI and recently started working for VEX.

There are price changes for the VEXpro product line that we want to be upfront about. Starting today, you will see an uptick in the pricing of most of our products.

These new price increases are the first of their kind since we launched VEXpro in 2012, and reflect changes in the global market. We are committed to designing and sourcing the highest quality parts available, and have determined that this is the best way to continue doing so.

With VEXpro, you know you are getting a product that is designed and battle-tested by someone who was (or still is) in your shoes, in addition to quality customer service, a “make-it-right” mentality and quick turnaround times.

From all of us at VEX and IFI, we truly appreciate your support, and your commitment to helping us create the highest quality products in the FIRST market.


Adam, this might be asking a bit much but any chance VEX could provide a spreadsheet showing differences? It’s probably easier for your folks to create it than for us to do it ourselves.

I mostly ask because spot checking shows changes that will impact teams and I’d really like a one stop place for teams to be able to see “how does this hurt me” and, also, selfishly, for HQ to be able to look at it and adjust the CAW limits if needed.


“Reflect changes in the global market” -> this is driven by the recent tariffs I assume?

It has to be. $35 for 5 feet of 2x1 aluminum is rough.

This would also be a great resource to take to any team sponsors or other stakeholders to give them a clear illustration of the challenges at hand.


Oof, was waiting for this to finally happen. Thanks for being up front about it, Adam.

If you are a US citizen over 18 who is unhappy about this, please don’t forget to vote or write to/call your Senators and congressman. It’s not just politics, it’s almost certainly impacting all the teams in this sport we all care so deeply about.

Thank you, Adam and Vex, for being honest with us and doing the best you can.

Several weeks ago, at least one of the major electronic parts distributors I use at work added a column in their online catalogues labelled “tariffs” next to the column with the part prices. This feature has since disappeared. I guess it is all integrated into the prices now displayed.

DigiKey shows if there are tariffs on a certain part, but I’m not sure that it shows the cost added by the tariff.

Yup, not to go off topic, but the tarrifs have definitely been affecting us in other ways. Grizzly marks any and all equipment that is marked up due to tarrifs as well.

For example - http://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-Mill-Drill-with-Stand-and-DRO/G0759

VEXpro pricing is now generally the same level as AndyMark.

This is not surprising given that AndyMark manufactures most of their parts in the USA. VEXpro ships most of their parts from China.

That’s why I can’t find it anymore. I looked up at 200~300 parts in the last several weeks but none of the ones in the last week showed this.

Would Vex consider selling 1/16’’ box tube? Many teams have found this to save weight and also costs. In regard to price increases of vex products, 6 feet of 1x2x.0625 rectangular tube from Metals Depot costs $1 less than about 5 feet of 2x1 vex tube. Might be a good option for teams with adequate machining resources.

For bulk purposes, it costs about $3 less per foot of 1/16" standard box tube compared to .1" vex tube.

Only reason why I am bringing this up is that I’d rather ship parts from only a couple places rather than several to reduce shipping costs and considering this option could save teams money, weight, hassle, and time.

West Coast Products sells 1/16 tube without predrilled holes here and Vex sells both .1" and .04" wall VersaFrame.


I haven’t messed around much with the lighter stuff when it comes to structure. Although Vex has .04 It would be great if they offered that type in 2x1.

Has anyone experimented with combining two .04" wall tubes together to substitute for .1" wall 2x1?

Yes. Our 2018 frame perimeter was constructed this way. Seemed to work.

If you think that’s rough, it’s the same for 5 feet of 2x1 plastic, which was $5 cheaper than the aluminum equivalent last year ($19.99 vs $24.99). :cool:

For the second time in my life, I have to agree with Marshall.

“Why do you care so much about US politics? Your Canadian, why do people without any stake in the situation have to butt in…”