2019 VEXpro pricing update

I’m not sure I understand how a 10% tariff on aluminum can make the price of 1 x 2 versatube jump 40% in price. There’s more than tariffs going on.

VEXpro never said it was because of the tariffs.

Adding onto this, Vex apparently moved to stateside manufacturing of Versaframe earlier this year for a reason unrelated to the “6063 vs 6061” thing. That probably also drove up the price.

I don’t know anything about this, but I would guess that more local manufacturing helps them avoid the nightmare that is waiting for out of stock parts to ship from China in late build season. I swear that country plans their week-long holidays around when FRC parts go out of stock.

Although this isn’t related to the situation in this thread, when would we be seeing the release of new VEX Pro products?

Vexmas, obviously.

VEXmas has already started for FTC

Not Vex, but I had previously pulled Vex pricing in 2017 and pulled updated pricing today to compare. Here are the pricing differences I found: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VwqLkpjumhlvPwKY1FFmrayqYod4DneevjdW7dP89wk/edit#gid=0

Gotta pay for Copioli’s parachute somehow :slight_smile:

But seriously, with all the manufacturing difficulties they had last year it wouldn’t surprise me if they had to switch too other vendors or pay their current vendors more.

Adam, this is very refreshing candor. But, really that is what we’ve come to expect from VEXpro. Paul is well known for his candor. It is certainly a heck of a lot better than BS.

In FRC or in my other job, I will buy again from a supplier who brings candor to discussions, and I hate dealing with the kind of supplier who brings BS.

See thumbnail (source: pchild’s doc linked earlier) – these increases are not bad, considering that it has taken seven seasons to get here.

You can get 5 feet of 2X1 alluminum from online metals for less than 19 bucks.

For a bunch of “smart people” there are a lot of leaps to conclusions to match your worldview going on in this thread. Come on people, use the data. If you don’t have data, get it.

My worldview says that tube doesn’t have any holes in it.

In your opinion, what “changes in the global market” caused VEX to significantly raise the prices on a number of their products?


To be clear I’m not making any political statement… just snarkily pointing out that the Vex tubing has holes (which definitely adds value for some teams), and the online metals tubing does not.

I don’t know why Vex increased their prices, but I do know that a 25% Steel tariff does not equal 2X increase on a 15 tooth steel hex sprocket. Come on people, use data not emotions.

Granted, but if online metals can sell at retail 0.125" thick tubing for roughly half of a 0.1" versa frame. One would think that it would possible for a manufacturer to obtain the tubing at a wholesale cost and drill holes at less than double the retail value of online metals and still make a decent profit.

Research wholesale vs retail if you are unaware of the difference.

Hmm, the tariffs almost certainly affect Vex’s electronics but for some reason the price of the electronics have remained the same. Certainly Vex wouldn’t raise the cost of some products to offset the costs of others in order to remain competitive.

There are a few reasons to love the month of December:

  1. Christmas
  2. Recently it means new a Star Wars movie
  3. It’s socially acceptable to drink way too much Eggnog all the time
  4. Vexmas (#VersaSwerve2018?)

My love for Eggnog notwithstanding, Vexmas may be the sweetest of those reasons.

Is there any comment on how these pricing changes affect other regions, now that VEXpro appears to have a distribution centre in South Australia?