2019 Vision Target & Alignment Line Placement Tool

Hi all:

This year the vision targets are on an angle, which could make placing them a tad more difficult. Using measurements from the manual, I designed two alignment tools. They’re designed to be cuttable on a CNC router with 1/8 material. I can upload simplified wood versions if there’s enough interest.

To use, simply hold the face of the tool against the surface you’re applying the vision tape to, and hold the bottom of the tool against the carpet. Stick the two vision tape segments inside the cutouts and the tape is applied perfectly. There’s also a cutout for alignment line placement (using 2" gaff tape) which is perfectly centered (though the field tape doesn’t extend upward, so don’t place it there).

Use “VT-Alignment-RO-Port” for the Rocket Port vision targets and use “VT-Alignment-RO,LS,CS-Hatch” for all other vision targets. Inventor native and .stp files are attached.

VT-Alignment-RO,LS,CS-Hatch.ipt (207.5 KB)
VT-Alignment-RO,LS,CS-Hatch.stp (111.8 KB)
VT-Alignment-RO-Port.ipt (215 KB)
VT-Alignment-RO-Port.stp (118.3 KB)


Thanks for making these, they look super helpful!

It took me a moment before I figured out how you’d get these aligned horizontally with the hole. If anyone else is confused, the vision tape goes right up to the rectangular gap, so if you’re making the team version elements you just need to make sure both cutouts have material behind them.

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