2019 West Coast Drive Design

Here’s my proposed WCD design for this year. It uses a simple belt drive with 6" wheels driven by a face mounted EVO Slim.


One of the first things that jumps out at me is that the middle wheels only have one belt pulley, instead of two. This would mean running one really long belt across all 3 pulleys, with minimal contact on the center pulley.

I’m having trouble finding the thread where it was mentioned, but I believe there was also a comment on a different model concerning placing pulleys on the far end of the shaft, though I can’t personally speak to the validity of that point.

Speaking hypothetically, with a rough terrain game, it would be better to have the wheel closer to support than the pulley? The wheel would take shock force from the ground and holding up the whole robot versus the pulley which would mostly only deflect the axle from belt tension. I would be curious to see what others have to say about this as well.

I can’t get GrabCAD to load the model, but if this is the planned belt setup that will not work as it was described. One way to do it is to stack the pulleys and have separate belt runs in between each wheel.