2020 Double Wheel Vertical Shooter CAD

I have attached a couple of images of a shooter design that my team and I have been creating in CAD. As this is our first shooter I wanted to reach out to the community onto their opinions on the design and things to watch out for. For reference, our goal is that the indexer already centers the ball for the shooter so we wouldn’t need any shooter centering mechanism. The hex shafts at the back end of the shooter would directly connect to the belt indexer system. The four 775pros will be run with a 3.75 to 1 reduction through the VersaDM gearbox and have a VersaPlanetary MAG encoder to count revolutions.

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I am also currently working on reducing the immense amount of bolt holes. I went a little bit over the top.

Why did you choose a two wheel/two sided design?

Mainly from what I saw in 2016. A lot of top teams (971, 225, ect) seemed to use this design. I chose to make it vertical because one of our mentors pointed out that a vertical flywheel design, if the wheels are not moving at exactly the same RPM it will deflect either up or down, not left or right.

So this only exists in CAD? If you haven’t already tested this shooter style don’t spend too long making the CAD. Get some rough dimensions for a quick build and test it.

We’ve been getting pretty good distance with 1 775 at 4:1 per wheel set doing horizontal layout. This set up might have better consistency, less power drop per shot due to twice the motors.


So we already made a really crappy proof of concept and it worked, got really nice distance. We can’t machine this till next week which is unfortunate.

If you’re aiming for a hexagonal target, wouldn’t top or back spin be just as detrimental as left or right spin?

How much compression is there?

if you hit the top of the target, backspin will be beneficial. The opposite is true for topspin

Not if you rivet those pcs instead of boting it all together. Save the balls from ripping and scarring up.

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What was pretty good distance on your prototype in approximate feet? Were you shooting straight up, angled, or horizontal?

That looks like it has a ready made mount space for a partial adjustable aiming rail or hood above the wheels on either side. That would add some backspin as it rides up and out of the shooter and direct the shot, plus give some shot fine tuning.

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