2020 Field Cutlist and Sketchup Models

Hi all. My name is Ethan Patane and I’m an Alumni of 1712. In the summers, I work for a custom conference table manufacturer called Paul Downs Cabinetmakers. We build tables for companies like NASA, Lockheed Martin, and even the Pentagon. Since 2018, Paul has generously donated his shop and material to our team to help build the practice field for each year.

This year, since I finished the cutlist and SketchUp models on day 1, I figured I would share them with everyone on behalf of Dawgma. The cutlist is a public version but you can download it and edit it to fit what you need. The SketchUp model has components which are all labeled as the appropriate team element number. Every component in the model corresponds to a part in the cutlist.

A few notes

  • This cutlist does not cover any hardware
  • The loading station has been simplified to a basic sheet with the appropriate cutouts and two braces to hold it vertically
  • I did not fill out the required material section of the spreadsheet because 1712 has material from 2018 and 2019 that still needs to be sorted through, and this will impact how much new material is needed for our team. Feel free to figure out how much you would need from scratch and post it below. I’m sure people would benefit from that.
    -Finally, if your team is in the PA/NJ area and need a field to practice on, feel free to email [email protected] to arrange a time to stop by and do some testing!

If you have any questions about anything(or you think I missed something!) please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always down to talk about woodworking and carpentry.

Link to spreadsheet:

SketchUp Model:
2020 Field Model.skp (327.8 KB)


Thanks for sharing this Ethan!

No problem. I hope it’s helpful

I took this cut list and generated an optimized layout for both plywood and 2x4s. Details here: 2020 Team Edition Cut Layout. Let me know if you see any discrepancies when I transcribed.

It says it can be done with 12 sheets of 1/2 ply and 50 2x4s. (A savings of 3 2x4s from the original shopping list, but sadly no savings in ply.)

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Great. I usually do that in SketchUp but I’m curious what software you used to do this.

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Thanks Ethan for starting this discussion.
Thanks Nic for the cut sheets. Our team discovered your cut sheet last year and it really helped save time on field build day.

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The program is called CutList Plus FX. It is a paid license, but I use it for work so it’s worth it for me. My goal is to provide these layouts each year on kickoff day, so you’re more than welcome to always use mine.

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